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Help! I'm having trouble viewing CALLED!
We are ecstatic over the new digital platform for CALLED magazine. The ability to deliver print and media directly to your desktop quickly and cost effectively should increase the ability to keep you connected with fellow pastors.

However, with any new technology there is a learning curve. As we run into frequently asked questions we will post them on this page. If your issue is not posted here feel free to email CALLED support.

Q: I don't have a tablet or a smart phone.  Is there any other way I can view it?
A: CALLED is specifically designed to take advantage of tablet and smart phone functionality. It works best on the iPad, second best on a Google Play tablet. . There is also a pdf version of CALLED that you can view on your computer.  Click here to view the pdf version.

Q: I'm looking at the NAD Resource App on my smart Phone but not all of the issues are displayed.
A: Starting with 4Q15 CALLED is available for smart phones.  However you can view earlier issues as a pdf version.