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NAD Church Planting Funds
The Seventh-day Adventist Church began as a church-planting movement. It will continue to grow as it focuses on establishing new groups of believers in new areas. Adventist Mission fosters and promotes this in a variety of ways, including church-planting conferences planned by NADEI, the North American Division Evangelism Institute. These SEEDS conferences cast the vision and provide resources for planting new groups of believers, and for ministries that support this process.

NAD Global Mission Funding Process

Global Mission Funding is available ONLY for establishing a new church plant in an un-entered area.  In an area of established churches this could mean an ethnic group with no place of worship. These funds are only available through matching of funds 25% each from the local church or conference, union, & NAD.

NAD Global Mission/Church Planting Funding application is now completed online through the local conference Global Mission Coordinator.  This person could be the conference president, ministerial director or a designated church planter or designee.  The conference Global Mission Coordinator fills out the application electronically with the MYREPORT software. Then the Global Mission Coordinator is responsible to take the project application to the conference finance committee for approval.  When approved, the GM Coordinator notifies the union GM Coordinator by sending an email letting the union know the application is waiting their action.  The union then goes through the same process and submits to the division level.  The division GM funding committee meets and makes a final descision on the amount a project can be funded.  After the division GM funding committee makes their final decisions then they submit to the GC GM Committee who make the final approval and releases the funds.  Then funds are transfered from the NAD treasury to the union treasury who transfers to the conference. The local conference then pays for the expenses for this project.

For additional information contact Mona Karst: mona.karst@nad.adventist.org

Paper GM Application for Planning Purposes Only

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