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Church Planting Funds
Every conference in the North American Division should have a Global Mission/Church Planting Coordinator.  Each Conference designates their own coordinator. Sometimes it is the President, Secretary, Treasurer, Evangelist/Church Planter or Ministerial Secretary who serves in this position. The union and conference employee designated please contact the NAD Ministerial office to update the NAD Global Mission Directory.  The Conference and Union Global Mission Coordinators oversee the church planting  funding applications for these projects in their union and conference.

The North American Division and General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist church contribute a percentage of matching funds to each approved church planting project.  These funds are only for planting churches in unentered areas.

Use this blank application if you are a lay member planting a church to plan your project before you contact your Conference Global Mission Coordinator  to help you apply (Conference Global Mission Coordinators must use the online  MY REPORT software to submit all applications electronically) 

For more information please go to the NAD Ministeral home page and click on  Evangelism and drop down to: Global Mission/Church Planting or click here:    http://www.nadministerial.org/article/14/global-mission-funding-process