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My Faithful God
When my brother, Dannie, and I were growing up, our dad was a school teacher. He got paid once a month, and sometimes the money just barely made it to the end of the month. You could tell which months those were by what we ate. Suppers would be soup and crackers, and lunches at school would be just a bean and pickle sandwich or a cream cheese sandwich with peanuts. Both were good, but the bean sandwich was very messy.


One evening, my parents were talking to each other, and Dad said, "We have no more money, and we have a week to go before payday."


Mom wasn't sure we had enough food to last that long. We sat on the couch for worship, and then knelt for prayer. After prayer, Dannie sat back down on the couch and did the oddest thing. He put his hands behind him and slid his hands past the cushions and deep into the couch. He pulled out a coin purse and handed it to our mom. 


"Where did you get this from, Dannie?" she asked, unable to disguise her shock. 


He told her he found it in the couch. She looked inside the purse and discovered a bunch of money. She called everyone she could think of who had been there during the last month and asked each one if they had lost a coin purse with money in it, but each person she asked said, "No." My parents took the money out and counted it. There was just enough to carry them through until the next pay check. 


My Dad said, "When you are faithful in paying your tithe, God is always faithful in helping you." 


Through my life, God has proven again and again to me that when I am faithful in giving to Him first, He is always faithful in keeping His word.

Becky Johnson was raised along the California coast. She met Mark, her husband, at Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska. Becky and Mark (now president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada) live in Oshawa, Ontario. They have three children and two grandchildren. Becky's enthusiasm for life and creative flare overflows into her hobbies and joys: drawing and painting beautiful landscapes, flowers or ladybugs; sewing fun purses and pillows; crocheting blankets and scarves; plying strangers with interesting questions (featured in Messenger); and capturing her travel adventures with her trusted camera. To Becky, the word "stranger" is just a person she hasn't met yet.