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Plan Your Retirement Now
Plan Your Retirement Now
 By Del Johnson

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Adventist employees approach retirement in different ways. Some anticipate idleness. A close friend once told me, ―When I retire, I‘m going to sit on this side of the table in the morning, and on that side of the table in the afternoon! I‘m going to read and write articles and books I never had time for when employed. Others are surprised: ―What? 65 Already? Still others embrace The Faith Factor: ―When I retire, I know the brethren are going to take care of me.  Or ―I don‘t need to think about retirement. I can‘t believe I‘ll ever reach retirement age before the Lord comes.
In 1947, my dad, mom and sister moved to Asia as missionaries, just two years after the close of WWII. After only six months in a country which had been devastated by war, Dad concluded, ―We‘ll never go home on furlough. Jesus will have come by then. Dad worked in Asia for 23 years. He passed away in 2008 at age 92, but was grateful for prudent retirement planning.
What is a Prudent Retirement Plan for the Christian truly looking forward to an imminent Advent and an eternity in Heaven?
Most Adventist employees approaching retirement want to:
• Maintain their pre-retirement standard of living
• Continue to tithe, and generously support their local church, ADRA, AWR, VOP, IIW etc.
• Enjoy retirement, not just maintain
• Maintain health with quality and affordable healthcare
• Remain financially independent, not relying on family or church for charity.
Few retirees would say: ―I sure wish I‘d saved less when I was employed.‖ Instead retirees have told us to urge employees to plan for retirement by:
• Targeting a mortgage-free retirement home.
• Saving early and continuously.
• Planning to be completely debt free in retirement.
Today‘s employee has a complex task in planning for retirement. While there are tools and advisors aplenty, the decisions on how to prepare are the responsibility of the retiree. Major pieces of the planning puzzle include:
• Social Security
– Medicare
– Monthly Benefits
• Frozen Defined Benefit Plan
– Monthly Pension
– Healthcare & Welfare Supplement
• Defined Contribution Plan
– Retirement Savings Plan
• Countdown Thoughts
– Avoiding obsession with wealth accumulation
– Mission Driven – not Retirement Driven
Retirement may seem like a long ways off for some readers. But it is never too early to begin to plan for retirement.

Thinking of Retiring.pdf  “NAD Retirement Plan”

Canadian Pensions and Benefits.pdf  “Churches in Canada Retirement Plan”

Defined Benefit Pension Plan.pdf  “Regional Conferences Retirement Plan"