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Writing Guidelines for CALLED
What is CALLED?
CALLED is quarterly interactive digital magazine that is designed to be read on a tablet device. CALLED delivers the best features of print, video, web, and social media directly to the subscriber’s tablet.
Who is the intended audience?
CALLED is primarily intended for congregational pastors in Bermuda, Canada, Guam/Micronesia, and the United States.  However many others are taking advantage of the free subscription including Adventist denominational leaders, lay leaders in the North American Division, and pastors from around the world.
Where can I get a free subscription for CALLED?
Go to the app store on your tablet device and do a search for ‘NAD Ministerial.’ Then download the app, and download an issue of CALLED.
What style of writing are you looking for?
The standard article is written in a journalist story form. Rather than being the ‘expert in the field’ the writer seeks to interview 3-5 experts in the field as well as gleaning relevant literature on the topic. Photos of the interviewees should be included in the article. Writers should be aware of the rich demographic and theological diversity of the North American Division pastorate and be inclusive in their articles.
What topics are you looking to cover?
CALLED is a very practical magazine concerned with the day to day tasks of ministry. Each issue has a general theme that each writer contributes to.  The general topical areas include pastoral integrity, evangelism, leadership, communication, management, scholarship, and people skills. Most articles are assigned to professional writers but unsolicited article ideas will be considered and may receive authorization for a full written article.
How many words should the piece be?
Because of the digital magazine format there is quite a bit of latitude in the article length. Ideal length is between 1500 and 2000 words.
How much do you pay per article?
Payment for an article ranges from $200-$300.
In what form should the article be submitted?
Article should be in Microsoft word format. Submissions should also include medium resolution photos of author and interview subjects. Submissions should be emailed to: dave.gemmell@nad.adventist.org.
How does the payment system work?
When the CALLED editor has signed off on the final version of the article, writer should submit an invoice including author’s name, social security number, and mailing address. Once the invoice has been received and approved by NAD Ministerial, the invoice will be routed to NAD treasury where a check will be cut within three weeks.