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PSI Provides Assistance to Church Fundraising
PSI serves North America Division's (NAD institutions as a consulting service and is both a one-stop shop and a gateway to services.  Collaboration with collegial organization is one way that PSI can maximize its service to pastors and their organizations-their churches, schools, community service projects, and related projects.  The PSI website, www.philanthropicservice.com has on-line resources such as an extensive annotated bibliography, podcasts, articles of current interest, commentaries on what is happening on the philanthropic scene, how-to advice, and announcements.
Specific assistance for capital campaigns for pastors, churches, schools:
·         A fundraising handbook, Successful Fundraising, was developed specifically for pastors and churches, as well as their organizations such as schools.  It can be purchased from AdventSource.org but comes with an offer of assistance from PSI, ranging from a phone call to actual site visit.  Chapters are added as requested and needed.
·         PSI assists with campaign planning, or review of existing plans.
·         PSI helps an organization develop its case for support and identify potential donors.
·         PSI does training on site-board, building committee, other relevant committees, and the church in general.
·         PSI helps with materials preparation, such as reviewing fundraising materials, from letters to proposals.
·         PSI has many informational and instructive materials that can be shared, such as how to write an appeal letter, how to create a gift range chart, and how to understand readiness for a campaign.
·         PSI can assist in researching funders-foundations, some business, and government.  It can guide in identifying individual donors.
·         PSI is available to answer questions and give guidance on an on-going basis.
·         On occasion the capacity building grant available from PSI allows extras a church or school may not afford, such as a database or a local trainer to speak to a committee or board.
·         WHAT PSI CANNOT DO is conduct a feasibility study-but it can advise on how to assess feasibility and information on this is also available in Successful Fundraising.
·         PSI CANNOT actually raise funds with or for you-but neither does any consulting firm which is credible.  Rarely will a consultant actually raise funds.
·         PSI can help YOU carry out a responsible, well-planned, carefully implemented campaign; it cannot do it for you.  PSI cannot be your "conscience" and make sure you and your team are staying on track.  We can, however, help you plan on how to set benchmarks and develop a timeline.
·         PSI can help you determine if you need a consultant and provide you with prospects for such services.  A chapter in Successful Fundraising provides guidelines how to make this major financial decision wisely.
PSI is happy to help you conduct a responsible campaign.  We are at your service!

Dr. Lilya Wagner, CFRE
Philanthropic Service for Institutions