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Adly Campos
Speaker and Evangelist for Family Well-Being International
Elder R. Ernest Castillo and Sandra Juárez interview
Adly Campos on a Vislumbres de Esperanza Spanish program.
(Interview begins at 03:17)


Description: L:\Pictures\s42885ca107706_4.jpgAdly Campos is a much-solicited, prestigious speaker internationally, and an authority on various topics concerning marital and family relationships.
In the past 20 years, Adly has been invited to be the keynote speaker for many women’s retreats and family seminars throughout the world. For this reason, the Association of Women honored her with the “Woman of the Year” award in 1997.
With the Holy Spirit working through Adly’s ministry, thousands have benefited directly from her seminar presentations, and she has surpassed 62,000 baptisms as a result of her evangelistic campaigns.
As a result of Adly’s commitment to minister to families around the world, her ministry has reached many cities and countries in North, South and Central America, Europe, Africa and Asia. 
Adly completed a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing, as well as minors in Music and Religion, and earned a Master’s degree in Family Counseling. She is a pastor’s wife and the mother of four children. Three of her children are already happily married, and she enjoys five precious grandchildren!