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REPLAY - Best Practices Webinar - October 15 with Stan Patterson

Date: October 15, 2013

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Presenter: Stan Patterson, Associate Professor of Church Leadership,
Chair, Department of Christian Ministry.

On Tuesday, October 15, 2013 we held a NAD Ministerial Best Practices Webinar presentation by Stan Patterson entitled, "The Upside Down Church".


Description: We are born with the intuitive tendency to look up to find authority. Our accountability is likewise to that authority that is above us. We dream and urge our differentiation in the direction that will place us above--not below. Lucifer leveraged that natural tendency when he interjected the ascendant/dominance drive into the core of humanity at the fall. "I will ascend" emanated from the heart of Lucifer in his quest for dominance and has had a ubiquitous impact upon all humanity.

Jesus left the heights of glory on a downward journey of service that took him all the way to the depths of the grave to serve our need to be redeemed. This descendant/service model is countercultural in our sinful world yet the Master asks us to model it in our dealing with others. "The first shall be last" and "the least shall be your minister" is more than paradox, it is a clear expectation of God for the church. Jesus turned the church upside down! Authority is vested in the people and flows up--not down from leaders. Leaders exercise loaned authority and will never be able claim or own personal authority. Our accountability is also counter intuitive. Leaders in the church look down for accountability--not up.

Finding a way to embrace this upside down model is not easy. Organizational structure all around us exists in the context of the hierarchical model. Even the church is influenced by this model in its practice of leadership and organizational behavior.

The purpose of this webinar is to introduce you to a different model that will reintroduce the servant model that discovers greatness by going down--not up.