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3rd quarter 2013 CALLED, a digital magazine for Adventist clergy in North America is now available for download from the NAD Ministerial app.


One of the biggest surprises that new pastors discover about ministry is that much of pastoral work is essentially running a business. You can run it well or run it poorly but you can't escape this responsibility. This quarter focuses on the business of church; leading volunteers, school boards, adapting to different church sizes, when to build, risk control, leadership, innovation and other management essentials.


CALLED subscribers are invited to journey to Paradise Valley Church, a fading institutional church that found new life in assimilating refugees into the kingdom of God.


CALLED is available at no charge on most tablet platforms including iPad, Android, and Kindle. The app is entitled 'NAD Ministerial.'

The magazine is also available as an interactive pdf on other platforms including computers. Right-Click and "Save As" to download CALLED First Quarter 2013 pdf (334 MB)