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Connecting with Business Owners on the Island of Yap
Bless and Be Blessed
By Pastor Sherwin Nobuo

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Maitland DePinto of Home for Humanity in the NAD came through a while ago and shared a tool with me that has really helped me connect with local businesses. I pastor on Yap, a small island in the Pacific that is unique because many of the families are interconnected.

So if I treat one family well, the rest of the family will be open to me. This tool helped me into the family network.

Here’s how the tool works.
I approach a business owner and introduce myself as a pastor and ask if they would mind if I had a prayer of blessing on their business. They always open the door and let me in.

Then I tell them how much we appreciate their business on the island. I pray the prayer of blessing from the book of Genesis that you can find in the Hope for Humanity Community Prayer & Blessing tool.

So far every business has been thankful for my visit and it has deepened my relationship with them. One business owner has put his children in our school. We’ve also been able to provide some resources for him as he fights the disease of obesity. But not only have we blessed him, he’s blessed us. He’s provided tarps for our graduation services, ice cubes for the youth camp, and bread. This simple tool has made it easy for me to connect with my local business leaders.

Editor’s note.  Since 2012 Guam-Micronesia Mission became an attached mission of the North American Division.