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New Parenting Resource
 By Claudio and Pamela Consuegra

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NAD Announces the Release of a New Parenting Resource:
Help! I'm a Parent: Christian Parenting in the Real World

What if someone gave you a block of the finest marble with the task of creating a masterpiece that would be displayed in the most prominent place for all the world to see? Unless you are a gifted sculptor, and hiring one is not an option, what would you do? And what if you were given only seven years to create this monument which will last a lifetime?

Parenting is like that, except that instead of a block of hard, cold marble we are given the delicate life of a child for us to begin to shape and mold so they can become lifetime disciples of Jesus Christ. What an awesome task and responsibility! Where do we begin? When you face this momentous mission, do you feel like screaming, “Help! I'm a parent?”

In a national survey of the state of families in America*, parents reportedly believe that raising children today is more complicated than it used to be. Along with that, most perceived that the quality of American family life was declining. In addition, 55 percent of the parents surveyed expressed a concern that they were not doing a very good job of parenting. In essence, the study concluded that, “for today’s mothers and fathers, there is no clear map that charts the path for nurturing the next generation of adults.”

We bring you good news! There is a “how-to manual” in God’s word. The principles of parenting in scripture are timeless and still relevant to parents today. Help! I'm a Parent: Christian Parenting in the Real World is a new parenting resource released by the North American Division. It is produced by the Family Ministries department and authored by the department directors, Drs. Claudio and Pamela Consuegra, to help parents carry on this eternally important task. This resource is in response to hundreds of surveys conducted throughout the North American Division territory. Each chapter represents a response to felt needs of parents with children birth to age seven. The resource is comprised of three major components:

1. Manual – The manual has 10 interactive chapters that include an undergirding scriptural principle, group activities, discussion questions, ideas for practical implementation in your home, and Spirit of Prophecy counsel made relevant to today’s parents.

2. DVD Set – Each of the 10 chapters contained in the manual have an accompanying DVD segment. The segments are hosted by Drs. Claudio and Pamela Consuegra and have guest appearances with experts such as Drs. Leslie and Prudence Pollard, Dr. Cesar and Carolann DeLeon, Katia Reinert, Mike and Gail Tucker, and more.

3. Web Support – Ongoing web support will provide updates, additional resources, parenting e-newsletter, and opportunities to submit questions and prayer requests at www.HelpImAParent.org. There is also a Facebook page, "Help! I'm a Parent."

This resource may be utilized in a variety of ways including parents in their home, a large church group, prayer meeting, a Sabbath School class, or a small group in your home. In addition, the principles discussed are applicable to a variety of family make-ups including single parents, blended families, divorced couples who are co-parenting, and grandparents raising their grandchildren.

The manual and DVD set is now available through AdventSource or by calling (402) 486-8800. Additional manuals may also be purchased separately for those wishing to use this resource in a group setting.
Plans also include the release of this entire package in Spanish before the end of 2014. Development will then continue with a similar resource for parents of children age 8-12 and ages 12-18.

The purpose of this resource is to inspire and encourage you, as parents, on your journey to be the disciple-makers of your children. You will be motivated to take up the exciting challenges and blessings of parenthood. We invite you to journey with us as we explore your God-given role of parenting.

Claudio Consuegra is director of the NAD Church Ministries department and  Pamela Consuegra is the associate director of the NAD Church Ministries department.  

*Bowman, Carl D. 2012. Culture of American Families: A National Survey. Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture. University of Virginia. Charlottesville, Virginia.