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Indelible Ink
Book Review: Larsen, Scott. Indelible Ink, WaterBrook Press, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 2003

Reviewed by Ron Aguilera

     Here’s a review of a book I recently finished. Let me start by saying this: some of you know that I concentrate my reading in a few different areas:
     One: The Bible. I have currently finished a study of the Gospels and the outlining of every question Jesus asks.
     Two: History. My goal is to read a biography of every American President. A few years ago, I decided to read them chronologically. I have really enjoyed getting a sense of history as I read consecutive biographies. I am currently reading a biography on our 7th President, Andrew Jackson titled, “American Lion, by Jon Meacham.
     Three: The 100 greatest books in history, the Classics, so to speak. I have three “List of the Greatest 100 books” that I use as reference (plus my own opinion). Currently, I have been working through, The Brothers Karamasov by Fyodor Dostoevsky.
     Four: Books on spiritual growth, religion, theology, etc…This is the category I think Indelible Ink falls in.
     Five: Books on leadership
     So, when I found this book, I was immediately attracted to it. Scott Larsen put together a book that has twenty-two Christian Leaders sharing the books that have shaped their faith. And, Appendix one has a list of an additional 130 leaders sharing books that have impacted them. If you are a librophiliac (book lover), you will love this book! For instance, the top five books mentioned (number of times cited) are: Mere Christianity (Lewis), My Utmost for His Highest (Chambers), Knowing God (Packer), Institutes of Christian Religion (Calvin), and The Brothers Karamasov (Dostoevsky)…but each author shares the books that have impacted them and why.
     I really enjoyed this book. I enjoyed the book suggestion ideas I got, I enjoyed the book summarizes within the chapters, and I enjoyed the faith stories the authors told. Not all of them were great, but it’s worth the couple of bucks it will cost you online.