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Ministerial Spouse Leaders Toolkit
1 Article Introduction Letter Ivan Williams & Donna Jackson
2 Video Questions for a pastor’s spouse … Pacific Union Ministerial Spouses
    Meet Your Union  MS Leaders  
3 Article A Sermon in Shoes Audrey Graham - Pacific Union
4 Article Divinely Favored Carmen Griffith - Southwestern Union
5 Article Biographical Sketch Yvonne Knight - Atlantic Union
6 Article Grace in Living Color Yolanda Smith - Southern Union
7 Article Hello, My Name Is…"Oh, You're Dave's Wife" Becky Weigley - Columbia Union
8 Article I Simply Remember My Favorite Things …. Linnea Torkelsen - N Pacific Union
9 Article My Faithful God Rebecque Johnson – SDA Church in Canada
10 Article Stumbling Through Life Diane Thurber - Mid-America Union
11 Article The Other Side of Stewardship-Delayed Blessings Barbara Livesay - Lake Union
1 Article NAD Ministerial Spouses Association Overview Donna Jackson
2 Article NAD Mission, Vision & Objectives Donna Jackson
3 Download Roadway for Organizing Your Ministry Paul Brantley and Meredith Carter
4 Download NAD Brochures for Ministerial Spouse Leaders.2015 NAD Ministerial Spouse Advisory
5 Download NAD Brochure for Ministerial Spouses.2015 NAD Ministerial Spouse Advisory
6 Article Getting Started Ardis Stenbakken
7 Article Building Your Team Joanne Cortes and Elena Sandoval
8 Download Questionnaire templates Joanne Cortes and Elena Sandoval
9 Download NAD Pastoral Family Research Report David Sedlacek & Duane McBride
A  FAITH      
1 Article First Things First Jean Boonstra
2 Article Only by Love Juanita Kretschmar
    Devotionals with Discussion Questions  
3 Exercise Delighting in God Cam Page
4 Article Complain and Blame or Pray and Praise? Lara Melashenko
5 Article Enjoying the Closeness of God Maria McClean
6 Video God is Able Lola Moore
7 Article God, Show Me How to Love You Janet Page
8 Exercise Four Quaker Questions Anonymous
9 Article Receiving with Grace Cheryl Knowles
10 Article The Attitude of Gratitude Laurie Snyman
11 Exercise The Unique You Donna Jackson
12 Article The Joy of Waiting Sandra Deer
13 Article The Secret to Satisfaction Janet Page
14 Article When God Becomes Vulnerable Sandra Deer
B FAMILY      
    Adventist Education  
15 Video Impact of Adventist Education on Ministerial Families Desiree Bryant/Joanne Cortes
16 Article Impact of Adventist Education on Ministerial Families Desire Bryant
17 List Resources for Parents re Education Betty Bayer
    Balancing Church and Family  
18 Article Balancing Church and Family Pamela Consuegra
19 Video When Ministry Gets in the Way of Family and Marriage Roger & Kathy Hernandez/Willie & Elaine Oliver
20 Article Re-Organizing Your Priorities Laurie Snyman
    Discipling Your Children  
21 Video A Father's Prayer Jonas Arrais
22 Video Discipling Your Children Jose & Joanne Cortes
23 Video Elijah's First Prayer John Youngberg
24 Video Elijah's Second Prayer John Youngberg
25 Video Family Altar John Youngberg
26 Video The Fire Fell John Youngberg
27 Video Send Rain John Youngberg
28 Video Family First Eric Crews
29 Video The Mystery of Oneness Willie & Elaine Oliver/Mike & Gayle Tucker
30 Video Family Ministry Cynthia Nguyen
31 Article Ways to Include the Family in Ministry Cynthia Nguyen
32 Video When Same Gender Attraction Comes Home Virna Santos/Willie & Elaine Oliver
33 Video Befriending Clergy Spouses of Other Faith Communities Debra Anderson and Paula Johnson
34 Article Befriending Clergy Spouses of Other Faith Communities Paula Johnson
35 Video Connecting through Social Media Jean Boonstra
36 Article Connecting through Social Media Jean Boonstra
37 Article Hospitality: what I didn't learn from Martha Eileen Gemmell
38 Video Sweet Home Eileen Gemmell
39 Video Sharing From a Full Heart Maureen Tap
40 Video 10 Commandments of Personal Finance Jennifer Christian Newton/Carin Morgan-Villalvas
41 Article 10 Commandments of Christian Finance Jennifer Christian Newton
42 Download The ABCs of Budgeting Flyer Jennifer Newton
43 Download Finance Resource List Donna Jackson
44 Article Financial Infidelity John Mathews
45 Article Financial Makeover Randy Robinson
46 Article In Times of Loss: Surviving Spousal Benefits Delbert Johnson
    Emotional Health and EQ  
47 Article Boost Your Body, Brain, and Mood Imelda Arreola
48 Video Dealing with Criticism Galina Stele/Joanne Cortes
49 Video Beyond Criticism Galina Stele/Joanne Cortes
50 Video Embracing Courage Susie Hill/Gina Wahlen
51 Article Embracing Courage Susie Hill
52 Article Emotional Intelligence A Biblical Understanding Neil Nedley
53 Article Lessons from Peanut Nancy Wilson
54 Video Losses Experienced by Pastoral Families Joan Rogers
55 Article When Loss is Gain Vicki Griffin
    Identifying Your Place as a Ministerial Spouse  
56 Article On the Ministerial Spouse Journey Donna Jackson
57 Article Identifying Your Place as a Minister's Spouse Jose Hernandez
58 Article Married to a Minister Diane Thurber
59 Article The Power You Have Janet Page
    Personal Development  
60 Article Coaching Buffy Halvorsen
61 Video Why I needed a coach Buffy Halvorsen
62 Article Coaches Training for Pastors' Spouses - Florida Conference Dottie Cauley
63 Video Coaches Training for Pastors' Spouses - Florida Conference Florida Conference pastors’ spouses
64 Article Asian/Pacific Ministry Reports Imelda Arreola
65 Article Facilitating Small Groups Faith Hunter
66 Video Mentoring - what is it? Buffy Halvorsen
67 Article Public Speaking Tips Linda Penick
68 Article Understanding Your Brothers and Sisters-First Nations People Gina Guiboche
    Physical Health  
69 Article 7 Tips for Maintaining an Exercise Routine Judy Ramos
70 Video Lifestyle Change Makeover Patricia Hoover
71 Video Healthy Body and Soul Rhonda Johnson/Joanne Cortes
72 Video Managing Your Weight Gina Guiboche and Ed Dunn
73 Article Pastoral Burnout Ivan Williams
74 Video Pastoral Burnout Ivan Williams/Anthony Kent & Derek Morris
    Abuse Prevention and Understanding  
75 Article A Safe Church for our Children Barbara Livesay
76 Video Domestic Violence: What Church Leaders Should Know Colin & Mable Dunbar
77 Article Domestic Violence: What Church Leaders Should Know Mable Dunbar
78 Article Reasons For Domestic Violence & Why it Continues Mable Dunbar
    Counseling / Helping Troubled People  
79 Download Clergy Care Services Brochure Kettering Clergy Care Services
80 Video Help for Troubled Members Claudio & Pamela Consuegra/Ivan & Kathleen Williams
81 Article Helping Troubled Members Laurie Snyman
82 Article How to Resolve Marital Conflict Alanzo and June Smith
83 Download Suicide Prevention Cards Laurie Snyman
84 Article When Should You Refer? Dick Tibbits
85 Download Communication Mindset (PP) Buford and Carmen Griffith
    Male Spouses  
86 Video Understanding Male Ministerial Spouses Mark O'Ffill/Joanne Cortes
87 Article Ministering to Male Ministerial Spouses Jose Hernandez, Mark O'Ffill, Donna Jackson
88 Article Congregational Expectations of a Male Ministerial Spouse Ernie Furness
89 Video My Pastor Wife Caleb VinCross
90 Video Passionate about Family Eric Crews
91 Video Trailblazing in Bermuda Dwayne Hill
    MS Evangelism & Compassion Ministry  
92 Article On the Move for Jesus! Donna Jackson
93 Article Holiday Outreach Ideas Laurie Snyman
94 Video In Alaska to Serve Gina Stearman
95 Download Ministerial Spouse Evangelism Brochure NAD Ministerial Spouses Advisory
96 Article Planning a Mission Trip Kathleen McKey
97 Article Southern Union MS Advisory Ministers in Guam Bobbie Millburn
98 Article Spiritual Gifts & Evangelism preparation Nicolle Brise
99 Article Transformational Evangelism handouts Ministerial Department
    Ministry to PKs  
100 Article The Time is Now! Donna Jackson
101 Video Ministering to PKs James Black
102 Article Mentoring for PKs Stephanie Halvorsen Parish
103 Video Mission Focus: Mindoro, Philippines Southwestern Union PKs
    Prayer Ministry  
104 Article Four Transforming NAD Prayer Initiatives Ruthie Jacobsen
105 Article Impacting Your Community with a Prayer Breakfast Ruthie Jacobsen
106 Article Like Little Children: Assisting Children to Pray Anita Roberts
107 Article+Video Pray One Million Ruthie Jacobsen
    Program/Events Ideas  
108 Download Event Planning Worksheets Donna Jackson
109 Article Planning a Retreat for Pastors' Spouses Jeanne Hartwell
110 Article Report of Asian Ministries Imelda Arreola
111 Article Spouses' Meeting Ideas Rita Stevens
112 Video Welcoming New Workers Sue Carlson
113 Download Welcoming New Workers Letter  Sue Carlson
114 Video Who Pastors the Pastor's Spouse? Janice Ford
    Team Ministry  
115 Video Partners in Ministry Ivan & Kathleen Williams/Claudio & Pamela Consuegras
116 Video Couples Counseling Couples - Partners in Ministry Dave & Eileen Gemmell/Ivan & Kathleen Williams
117 Article My Life in Savoonga Elouise Hawkes
118 Article The Benefits of Team Ministry Herbert Eisele
119 Article Together for a Purpose - Finding a Shared Ministry Karen Holford
120 Download Finding a Shared Ministry Worksheets Karen Holford
121 Download Transformational Evangelism (TE) Resource List NAD TE website
1 Article Introduction Donna Jackson & Ivan Williams
2 Article + Video Healthy Communication Karen Holford
3 Download Communication Activities Karen Holford
4 Article+Videos Moving…Again? Karen Holford
5 Download Moving…Again Activities Karen Holford
6 Article + Video Parenting at the Parsonage Wilma Kirk Lee
7 Article + Video Cats, Kids-and Jesus?: Navigating social media with purpose Kimberly Luste Maran
8 Article Staying Current - and Connected Alexandria Martin
9 Article Daniel in Digital Babylon A. Allan Martin
10 Download Parenting Resource List Donna Jackson
11 Article+Videos Forgiveness: the journey Karen Holford
12 Article+Videos Living Within Your Means John Mathews
13 Article Tax Man Comes John Mathews
14 Download Financial Matters Resource List Donna Jackson
15 Article+Videos Dueling with Stress Linda Caviness
16 Article+Video Hope Beyond Tears: Healing for Depression Katia Reinert
17 Article+Video Teen Suicide Prevention Cesar & Carolann De Leon
18 Article+Videos Ministry Marriage in Crisis Cesar & Carolann De Leon
19 Article+Video Strategies for Freedom from Pornography Bernie Anderson
20 Download Resources for Pornography Addiction Bernie Anderson
1 Video Called to Belong J. Nicolle Brise
2 Video Called to Follow Mark O'Ffill; Panel: Joanne Cortes, Michelle Pombo, Kylah Martin
3 Video Called to Eternal Glory! Adrienne Townsend
4 Video Restored Intimacy Mike & Gayle Tucker/Bernie & Christina Anderson
5 Video Young Spouses Panel Mark O'Ffill, Joanne Cortes, Michelle Pombo, Kylah Martin
6 Video Restoration in Our Family Jerry & Janet Page
7 Video The Lover of Beauty Jo Ann Davidson
8 Video Your Authentic Witness Rebecca Pippert
9 Video Bread for All Elizabeth Talbot
10 Video Relating to the Family Randy & Anita Roberts
11 Video Connecting the Dots! Elizabeth Talbot