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Wise Words: Evangelism

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The purpose of the church is not just to fraternize with the righteous, but to call lost sinners to repentance. That is the ministry of the church. We aren't saved just to experience the joy of Jesus in our hearts. We aren't saved just to grow toward spiritual maturity. We're saved to proclaim the message of a living, loving Lord to a dying world. Evangelism, in its truest sense, is not a duty to be added, a program to adopt, a technique to learn. It's not a "must," a "should do," or a "will do." Rather, it's something we are unable not to do. For before evangelism can truly be successful it must be a consuming passion. And we are called individually and as a church to have hearts that beat with a passion for souls. Some have observed, "Evangelism never seemed to be an 'issue' in the New Testament . . . . Evangelism happened. It issued effortlessly from the community of believers as light from the sun. It was spontaneous, continuous, and contagious." -Alfred McClure


When those who are called to fish don't fish, they fight. When energy intended to be used outside is used inside, the result is explosive. Instead of casting nets, we cast stones. Instead of extending helping hands, we point accusing fingers. Instead of being fishers of the lost, we become critics of the saved. Rather than helping the hurting, we hurt the helpers. The result? Church Scrooges. "Bah humbug" spirituality. Beady eyes searching for warts on others while ignoring the warts on the nose below. Crooked fingers that bypass strengths and point out weaknesses. Split churches. Poor testimonies. Broken hearts. Legalistic wars. And, sadly, poor go unfed, confused go uncounseled, and lost go unreached. And when those who are called to fish don't fish, they fight. But note the other side of this fish tale: When those who are called to fish, fish - they flourish.   -Max Lucado


We can't touch the culture if we're not part of the culture. We need to be mainstream in the community, recognized as part of it, active participants, a positive lifting force. -Ted Wick


I've learned that evangelism is not something you go out and do, but something you do as you go along. -Helen Chung


It's clear to me that from the beginning, the use of the term seeker-targeted was intended to mean the building of a church that reaches unchurched people. Now the term has even been portrayed by some as meaning that we give seekers whatever they want or that unchurched people drive everythingwe do in the church. That's simply not true. This movement is notabout creating churches that give seekers everything they want. It is about removing unnecessary barriers so that we can give them what they need - Jesus Christ. -Jim Mellado


If you're living a boring, lukewarm Christian life of drudgery and rule-keeping, you may be doing more damage to your friends than all the scandals involving the televangelists. You're sending a message that Christianity is "a stiff, upright, inflexible way of life, colorless and unbending," and it was certainly never intended to be that. -Lee Strobel