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Stories We Tell: Going Together

By Timothy Jo Judson

A few years ago my wife and I were invited to attend our niece’s wedding in Vancouver, British Columbia.   A vacation in Canada was definitely on our life bucket list, so we packed our bags and made plans for the wedding and quiet time together the week after.   Into our suitcases went our passports, ID cards, cash, clothes, glasses, toiletries, cell phones, and all the rest.  

Two days before our departure, I discovered that my wife’s passport had expired.   I frantically called anyone and everyone I thought could help, but it was no use.   No one could turn Esther’s passport around in two days.   A deep sense of despair settled into my spirit as I realized that I would have to make this trip alone.   That I would have to leave my wife behind.   That a non-refundable ticket purchased on sale would be wasted.   That our dream vacation together was shattered.

As I left for the San Francisco airport the thought struck me:   What will it be like if I make the journey to Heaven alone?   What will it be like if my loved ones are not with me?   It was then I resolved to live in daily readiness for Jesus’ return, and do all I can to help my family and friends to live in daily readiness for the ultimate journey ahead.

Timothy Jo Judson is pastor of the Sebastopol and Petaluma, California churches