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Millennial Ministry
By A. Allan Martin

"How do I start a young adult ministry?"

I get that a lot. Having researched and worked at this for nearly three decades, I can almost predict what will come after the pleasantries in that email or IM. I'm glad for the question, but want to warn you, that my reply to this frequently asked question will not be some simple recipe or sure fire program. In brief, here's what I would share if you are looking to start or sharpen your young adult ministry:
1: Develop a Strategy driven by a Mission. I'm likely to have you evaluate a step-by-step model I've developed to start or sharpen your young adult ministry, LOST2LIFE:
2: Do the Homework. Then, I'm likely to offer you a couple of analysis and review compilations I developed for the North American Division Adventist Youth & Young Adult Ministries to analyze and review:  
3: Learn in Community. As a benefit to all our advisors at NAD Young Adult Ministry Advisory, I would welcome your posting your questions, insights, and comments in our Facebook group so we can learn and grow and stretch together.
4: Engage a Mentor. I would recommend setting up some consultation calls/meetings with an established young adult ministry to be of support as you launch your "LISTEN&LEARN" step.
Although some may see the research findings about our church and Millennials as disheartening, I believe many of you will discover a great opportunity for rich life changing relationships, all for the glory of Christ Jesus. So keep asking questions, learning, and listening. Next generations await.
A. Allan Martin is the teaching pastor for Younger Generation Church (, a vibrant young adult ministry of the Arlington Seventh-day Adventist Church [Texas, USA].
Look for a series of articles from A. Allan Martin on Millennial Ministries in our June and July issues of Best Practices for Adventist Ministry