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Research Continues on the Core Competencies of Pastors
By Dave Gemmell

Professions from physicians to plumbers are discovering that there are core competencies unique to their trade which help define their vocation. As Adventist pastors we have long known about our special ‘calling’ and the skills and gifts that are needed for our ministry. But what are the core competencies that make for effective Adventist pastors?

Over the last two years NAD Ministerial and the NAD department of assessment have been seeking answers to those questions from pastors, administrators, ministerial directors, elders and religion professors.  Your responses have helped us produce a working draft of seven core competencies each with several descriptors.
The pursuit of core competencies is part of a bigger vision.  Imagine a clearly marked pathway of ministry where a pastoral candidate could hear and validate a call; be nurtured by education in the classroom and church setting, as well as informal practical experience; continue down the path of growth as a ministerial intern; leading up to meeting core competency standards required for ordination/commissioning; followed by a lifetime of continual professional growth and service.

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