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The Haystacks Church
A Book Review by Craig Klatt
“What does it mean to be Adventist, to be part of the Adventist Church?” Andy Nash has taken on these questions in an ongoing quest to better understand how to take a relevant position both for himself and to also address the needs of an emerging future generation of young Adventists. 
There are many questions that are oozing out from under the rocks of what we have considered long resolved issues; issues that we felt were settled in a black and white way long ago. Nash draws from having to sort things out in his work with youthful, enquiring minds that have grown up in a dramatically changing culture, where previously a hastily quoted Scripture was the pat answer to issues like homosexuality, polygamous marriages in third world countries, growing scriptural illiteracy in both schools and churches, an honest perspective on the muddy debate regarding “liberal vs conservative” applications to church life and how do we deal with the retention of our best and brightest in today’s world?
In 36 very short and easy to read anecdotal chapters, divided into 4 sections, you will find yourself led to re-think many very Adventist areas of belief that are both cultural and doctrinal as well in many cases. Some new insights that will result in neither setting your Adventist feet further in cement or “throwing the baby out with the bathwater,” will surface to better equip you in ministry to meet the difficult challenges of answering today’s questions for a new generation of Adventists as well as new believers.
There is room for a lot of growth for all who would lead God’s people and a fresh revelation of God’s extravagant Grace in Nash’s thoughtful sharing of his heart in this book. A quote he adds to help the readers apply what he has learned is; “Be kinder than necessary, because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.”
Craig Klatt is pastor of the Camino church in California
The Haystacks Church is available at the Adventist Book Center