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Stories We Tell: Love Must Be Demonstrated
By Don Schneider
A couple was sitting on the porch swing. It was quiet. No one was saying anything. The man felt this was just the right time, so he took a deep breath, stretched, put his arm around her, and said,  “Can I kiss you?”
She didn’t say anything. He was devastated. He was sweating. He wasn’t sure about what to do next.  After what seemed almost like an eternity, he thought of what might have gone wrong.
Maybe he did not use the right verb. So he tried again, but this time said it differently. “MAY I kiss you?”
Still no sound. She did not say a thing. Now, he was really frustrated. He just blurted it out,
“What’s the matter? Are you deaf?”
She fired right back, “What’s the matter with you? Are you paralyzed?
Love must be demonstrated. Love is something you do.
Don Schneider served as president of the North American Division from 2000 - 2010