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Transformational Evangelism Project Stimulus Grants Launched


In the fall of 2012 the members of the NAD Year End Meeting voted overwhelming to pursue the Six Building Blocks which are the areas of focus for ministry in the North American Division. They are:

  • Adventist Learning Community
  • Retention of Young Adults
  • Ministry to Immigrant Populations
  • Women in Ministry
  • Media
  • Transformational Evangelism
Looking at the last of those six, Transformational Evangelism, here is our definition for TE:
“Transformational evangelism happens when the grace of God springs to life in the congregation and compels members to intentionally share the grace with their communities resulting in hope and wholeness for both.”
In the fall of 2013, the NAD Transformational Evangelism Committee introduced three initiatives to advance the cause of TE. One of them is Project stimulus grants ($400,000). The Church already has a program, Global Mission, that funds church planting projects in unreached areas or among unreached people groups. But there are many areas that have a church presence but growth is not happening. Sometimes the lack of growth is simply because there is a lack of financial or human resources. Sometimes it is due to a lack of ideas. This program addresses those areas.
Eight of the nine Unions (Atlantic Union has already received its funding as part of NY13) will receive one grant of $50,000 to undertake a conference-proposed sustainable transformational evangelism model. The intent is to especially focus on under-resourced territories. The hardest money to find is that with which to try new, untested and sometimes risky ideas. These funds are for that purpose. This is, in essence, research and development money.
To qualify for the funding from the NAD, the local Union will need to match at least 50% of the $50,000 grant and it is suggested that the local conference(s) match approximately 25% or $12,500. Conferences are invited to submit proposals to their union for consideration. Each union will select a project to receive these funds. Project proposals will need to be submitted through the local Union. Applications will be accepted by NAD as long as funds are available. 
Those conferences that submit proposals are encouraged to use whatever Union or NAD departmental support available in planning and implementation. There are other resources within our division that should not be overlooked in the process, such as the North American Division Evangelism Institute, Seminars Unlimited, the media ministries, our colleges and universities, Adventist healthcare, Adventist Information Ministry, and many more. All of these stand ready to collaborate, but it will be at the initiation of the local field.
Here are some suggested project criteria:
  1. locations with a low member to non-member ratio
  2. incarnational – members reside and are involved in the targeted area
  3. the congregation has a voted plan for engaging in a transformational evangelism cycle which will include assessment of community needs and matching with church resources with the goal to transform some aspect of the local community.

The attached form is for local congregations and/or conferences to complete and submit to their local union. The attached supporting documents are ideas and suggestions of how to proceed with defining and implementing your project.
Conferences that receive this funding will be required to give annual progress reports for their program to the NAD for three years. The purpose of the reporting is both for accountability and so that the stories can be shared throughout the field. Report forms will be provided at the time that each union submits their project to the NAD.

Click here for the application. - pdf

2014 NAD TE Grant-Appendixes. - pdf