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Transformational Evangelism Stories

      We believe that there are many, many churches involved in wholistic, integrated, Spirit-led ministry where our members take the love of Jesus and His hope and wholeness into the community and in return experience their own transformation. Here are just a few examples of this. We’d like to add your story!

Aldergrove SDA Church in Aldergrove, British Columbia - http://www.aldergrovesda.org

For over 10 years the members of this church have been intentionally targeting community needs and collaborating with other local agencies to engage in significant acts of kindness that have touched the lives of thousands of people. Just two of their many highly intentional projects are a breakfast feeding program at a public elementary school every school day and an extreme home renovation.  
Epic Church Seventh Day Adventist in Chicago, Illinois www.epicwiresda.com –  Pastor Andres Flores shares how, with a relational emphasis, the young second-generation members of this church plant share God’s love with their friends and take it into the community in simple, creative ways. He reports the resulting transformation in the lives of people such as an ex-cage fighter, an ex-gang banger, and ex-agnostics.

Glenville Adventist Church in Cleveland Ohio -  www.gvillesda.org Pastor MyRon Edmunds reports on how aging church members passed leadership onto younger members and how they became successful in bringing church into the community. He also reports on the community’s positive response.

Paradise Valley SDA Church in San Diego, California – (www.pvchurch.org) Under the leadership of Pastor Will and Peggy James, this diverse congregation runs a Refugee Assimilation Program that approximately 120 volunteers are involved in. It includes ESL classes, a thrift store that provides jobs for volunteers needing readiness skills training, and community gardens. With the strong network of community organizations that have been developed, the church also distributes every week 8,000 pounds of food to about 500 families in their community.

REACH Philadelphia church plant in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania -
While pastoring Chestnut Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church in Philadelphia, Dr. Tara VinCross, along with some other young adults, planted a young adult church in that city that spends much of their weekly Sabbath activities on community outreach. Now Dr. VinCross is leading out in the Columbia Union School of Evangelism that offers an immersive experience in urban ministry embracing  community development, urban agriculture, literature ministry, personal and public evangelism.  www.reachcolumbiaunion.squarespace.com  

Bridges to Health  The Pacific Union chapter of Adventist Services and Industries (ASI) in coordination with the Pacific Union headquarters of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, the Northern California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, along with the Central California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists conducted a three-day medical and dental clinic in San Francisco and Oakland, California called "Bridges to Health.” Over 500 health professionals and volunteers served close to three thousand residents of the Bay Area with an array of high-end health services. Approximately $5.2 million in health care was administered, ranging from dental, vision, personalized medical evaluation, advanced medical testing and minor surgery. In addition, free meals, medical massage, physical therapy and personalized counseling were offered to each participant. The convergence of skills, together with a passion for the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church made this event both successful and deeply meaningful to all who participated. The large vision and partnership between the two conferences and the churches in this region is significant and carries on.

PACS (Portland Adventist Community Services -   is a premiere example of a community of volunteers and donors partnering in food pantry, a health clinic (providing primary care to low-income people), and a thrift store (providing low-cost clothing and household items). This long term commitment to community is supported by many Seventh-day Adventist churches in the greater Portland area including  Sunnyside, Stone Tower, Pleasant Valley, Rockwood, Open Arms, Tabernacle, Village, Lents and Hood View.  

Johnny Barnes -  This member of the Hamilton Seventh-day Adventist Church in Bermuda has become a legend and the spirit of love in his country.

Pastor Martin Fancher of the Fort Walton Beach Seventh-day Adventist Church, Florida took CREATION Health into his Sheriff’s office and ignited far reaching ministry opportunities for himself and his church.

Richardson SDA Church - "What are your success secrets? Why is Richardson SDA bursting at the seams?" I'm asked frequently. It's true that we have wonderful problems - not enough parking, seating or Sabbath School space each week. We just baptized our 800th member in July 2013 and are planting our 9th church in 15 years in the White Rock Lake area of Dallas. The truth is, we're not sure exactly why we keep growing! We know we have plenty of flaws and faults but perhaps it's because we choose to focus on Jesus, His Word & His mission!