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Stories We Tell: Listen to the Son
By Bill Warcholik
We were preparing the Wickford church for our 50th anniversary homecoming and for the rededication of our restored basement. Just days before the rededication, I noticed the upstairs water heater was leaking. It was threatening to cause a flood to damage our remodeled basement. 
Getting a plumber on short notice is both difficult and expensive. Not having anyone in the church that is a plumber, it seemed like something I needed to tackle. Unfortunately, I have a bad attitude toward plumbing based on past attempts that resulted in calling a plumber to fix the mess I made.
But I remained reluctant to hire someone for plumbing since I once paid a plumber $1,000 for two hours of work to fix a cracked sewer line. I watched and realized (after the fact) that I could have done the job myself in 3 hours and saved the $1,000. So I attacked the water heater problem.  
Putting it in the context of Martha being distracted from spending time with Jesus, here was my distraction – my mental conversation was “you know you shouldn’t be doing this, you will end up with leaks, and you’ll have to call a plumber, and the Sabbath is about to begin, and the program due to start in just a few hours will be ruined by flooding the whole church.” I actually surprised myself at how negative my thoughts had become. Does that ever happen to you?
In cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) terms, my internal conversation and my thinking was awfulizing, catastrophic, all or nothing, always or never, stinkin’ thinkin’. “I can never get plumbing right, I will always have leaks, I will have to hire a plumber because the whole sink will have to be removed and re-plumbed because of what I did, and I’m out of time!”
I was baffled because water was not only leaking, but flowing both ways through the pipes! How could the hot water line be back-flushing water through the cold water line? Desperate I remembered my son the builder and called him. As I described the problem, the thought came to my mind – it’s the faucet spout aerator, and at the same moment my son asked, “Did you check the faucet spout aerator?”
Instantly I realized that stopping to look and listen to the son had solved the problem. In 20 minutes everything was done and I was singing with joy. Distracted from much busyness, I had forgotten that the Son had the solution. All I had to do was follow what He said. Does that happen to you? How much we suffer with a bad attitude because we forget to stop, look and listen to the Son.
Bill Warcholik is a ministry representative and planned giving consultant for It Is Written