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Books on Emotional Healing
By Pablo E. Gaitan
Lately, I have stumbled upon some good reads on emotional healing. Today’s churches are filled with people who became Christians, but never let Jesus completely heal their heart and mind from the past. Yes, Jesus promises to make us new. However, if we don’t give Him complete access to our most inner place – our spirit –as cleanser of our souls, we will never experience real peace. So I want to introduce you to four books on emotional healing for those whose past experiences have left them emotionally scarred, whose present is blurred, and whose future is intimidating.
1.   Captivating, by John and Stasi Eldredge. This book talks about issues many girls have encountered while growing up. It is a must-read for every girl who wants to get her life going again.
2.    Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, by Peter Scazzero. This man absolutely nails it. As a successful pastor, he advises us to take ourselves into a journey of self-discovery through the light of what Jesus has done for us on the Cross. You won’t be able to put this book down!
3.    Dangerous Calling, by Paul Tripp. Tripp is a pastor of pastors. If you are a church leader or pastor, this book will change your life. This book will strip you to your naked core.
4.    Cleansing the Sanctuary of the Heart, by David Sedlacek. Sedlacek is an Adventist pastor and Andrews University professor. Though his work is a bit technical, his concepts about cleansing your life through our Only High Priest, Jesus, is captivating and liberating at the same time.
Enjoy your reading!!!
Pablo E. Gaitan is senior pastor for the South Gate Spanish Church in Los Angeles and Hispanic youth coordinator for the Southern California Conference