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Interested in a Doctor of Ministry?

      The North American Division has provided a project grant award to Andrews Doctor of Ministry graduates whose projects advance transformational evangelism!
What is transformational evangelism?
Transformational Evangelism is when the grace of God springs to life in the congregation and compels members to intentionally share that grace with their communities resulting in hope and wholeness for both. Transformational Evangelism will focus on: 1) renewing a culture of evangelism, 2) planting new churches in new ways, 3) advancing our mission in large, metropolitan areas, and 4) developing innovative approaches to evangelism.
What is the Doctor of Ministry project grant program?
This program grants awards of $2500 from the North American Division to Andrews University Doctor of Ministry participants who successfully complete the implementation and assessment of projects that significantly contribute to the advancement and modeling of transformational evangelism.
How does the program work?
Click the link below to download the one page application, then begin your Doctor of Ministry. A grant applicant applies with this one page application in the first program year, provides their approved project proposal with the application, and then passes their assessment at the end of the DMin program. Applicants will be informed of the decision soon after application is made in their first year and receive the grant from the NAD soon after their assessment.
The 2015 Missional Church cohort: can this cohort support my application for the grant? Yes!
The Andrews Doctor of Ministry program is launching a Missional Church: A Biblical Response to Mission in Western Culture cohort in 2015. The four intensives are in Orlando, Andrews, and Nashville, Tennessee. The first is January 26 – February 3, 2015, in Orlando. Contact 888-717-6244 to get further information and to enroll, or go to www.doctorofministry.com. The deadline to enroll is November 28, 2014. This is a great cohort to pursue advanced ministry, mission, and leadership competencies with an NAD project grant.
Here is the link for the grant application: