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New NAD Ministerial Associate joins to focus on Evangelism
Pastor Jose Herminio Cortes, Jr. joins the North American Division team as an associate director for the North American Division Ministerial Department.  Jose joins the NAD ministerial team to focus on transformational evangelism, discipleship, and outreach in the North American Division.

Cortes, replaces Shawn Boonstra who transitioned as the new director for the Voice of Prophecy media ministry.

Jose was born in Pinar del Rio, Cuba. He is the husband of Joanne Maree Cortes, formerly, Joanne M. Gillespie, a native of Sydney, Australia. They were married in Silver Spring, Maryland. Jose and Joanne are the blessed parents of Jose Herminio Cortes III, and Joel Benjamin Cortes; both were born in Long Island, New York. 

Here is a brief interview with Jose Cortes, Jr.
What can you tell us about your role?
"We will be working together with our NAD Ministerial Team, Union and Conference Ministerial and Evangelism Directors, and Pastors in creating a shared vision for Transformational Evangelism in the territories of the North American Division. A comprehensive vision that includes anything that makes us pastors, our churches, and our awesome laity effective in sharing Jesus, not only through words but also through actions. A vision that involves the traditional but that does not exclude the innovative, we must be willing to try and to do anything that works to save people and empower them to become passionate and compassionate disciples of Jesus.
We will also work together in helping to create an atmosphere of love, acceptance, and compassion in our local churches throughout Bermuda, Canada, the United States, and the Guam-Micronesian islands. We want to see people who accept Jesus and come to our churches stay. We need to treat them like Jesus would treat them, after all we are the Eyes, Heart, Hands, and Feet of Jesus in North America.  If we do this, our membership retention will experience a boost.
Last but not least, we would like to see the different entities which work directly in Evangelism and Outreach Training, whether an official church ministry or supporting ministries, working in harmony, not necessarily in unison, but together with the same goals. It is OK to go about it in different ways, as long as we are intentional about going in the same direction."  
What are you looking forward to?
"Leaving the Atlantic Union, after a great twelve years of ministry in the territory, will be hard; however, we are really not leaving, the great thing about this new appointment is that our family has just grown. We look forward to meeting more colleagues in ministry, as well as many more brothers and sisters, of all generations.  Partnering together in making our churches relevant centers of salvation, healing, compassion and influence, which cannot be ignored by those in need of Jesus and His saving grace. I look forward to the day when our church will be known for our compassion and love for humanity and their salvation rather than for the things we oppose.”