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Stories We Tell: You’re Invited
By Jonathan Martin
Sometimes things really are too good to be true. This is probably what Robert Kirkpatrick thought when he received an invitation to a fundraising dinner with President George W. Bush. Imagine his surprise when he opened the invitation and noticed the letter signed by then Vice President Dick Cheney inviting him to the $2,500-a-plate banquet in Washington.

Robert knew it was a mistake because he was sentenced the year before to three years in an Ohio prison for drug possession and escape. When asked what he planned to do with the invitation, Robert responded rather sarcastically: “I am going to tell [the Vice President] that I’d be happy to attend, but he’s going to have to pull some strings to get me there.”

How many of us feel like this Ohio prisoner? Jesus is inviting us to the biggest banquet this universe has ever seen, but we feel unworthy, or that a mistake has been made. We think to ourselves, “Surely God wants nothing to do with me. I am not good enough to be invited to something as wonderful as eternity in heaven.” The fact of the matter is that God really did invite you, and no, it wasn’t a mistake!

Jonathan Martin is the associate pastor at East Pasco Seventh-day Adventist church in Zephyrhills, Florida
News Source: John Bacon (from staff and wire reports), "Guess Who's Not Coming to a Bush Dinner," USA Today (6-5-02) p. 3A