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We Have Contact!
By Twyla Wall

Wouldn’t it be amazing if any individual in the territory of the North American Division could easily contact our church for spiritual care? I’m not just talking about the World Wide Web here, but about actually speaking with a committed Christian witness? But wait, there’s more! What if during the conversation an invitation was given to connect people with believer’s right around the corner? To study with them, fellowship together and learn about Jesus! The interest info is then passed along and a local church reaches out to embrace the seeker.

There is such a place - It’s called AIM – Adventist Information Ministry, the North American Division Contact Center for Evangelism. AIM is being used by all our Media Ministries as an 800 number follow-up option during broadcasts. AIM is used by evangelistic outreach endeavors such as NY13; endeavors hosted by local churches in Big City collaboration programs. AIM is available to you as a powerful, personalized follow-up partner.

Let’s get local - AIM is a portal of contact utilized by local churches for their community events. AIM can support your Outreach. Are you hosting a cooking demo? Offering money management classes? Revelation Seminars? (We currently assist a church diaper program!)  Don’t miss a call.
AIM is available to you as a powerful, personalized follow-up partner.
Pick an 800 number.
Give AIM all the details
Publish that 800 number via print, TV, radio, billboard, bus plaques, blimp or ???
AIM answers the calls and provides:
            Prayer Ministry
            Spiritual Journey Chaplain Care
            Information / Registration
            Sign up for Bible Study
            All services in Spanish
You receive from AIM:
            Frequent reports and feedback
            The callers contact information
                        Great for invitations to future outreach events!
                        Registered attendee details
                        Verified Bible Study Interests
AIM is located on the campus of Andrews University and employs 70+ Seventh-day Adventist students and seminarians. Young people eager to share their faith and blessed to be working for God on the front lines of service. We answer live calls from 8 am to midnight.  Phone lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!
AIM is excited to be a part of the future of evangelism. At the ministerial conference in Austin next summer, the NAD will be rolling out an incredible tool for sending churches contact information of interests gleaned through AIM in virtually real time! (No more phone tag). This evangelistic effort will be called “People Connect” and it will be delivered through eAdventist. Watch for it!
Twyla Wall is director of Adventist Information Ministry