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Different at the Expense of God’s Love?

by Jose Cortes Jr.


I have been in some places, in which I almost felt as if I had to apologize for talking about God’s love. I’ve been told that God’s love is the soft food, the milk, the spiritual baby food but I am not a baby, I’ve been in this church for 42 years, and every time I hear a preacher or anyone say “GOD LOVES YOU” I get this feeling all over, my heart beats faster, my joy skyrockets, and my brain awakes to the deep thought that I am a sinner, I am messed up, yet GOD LOVES ME. The depth of the thought is just mysterious and immeasurable. Yes, I know we heard this before, but do we really believe it? He knows your life and He loves you. He knows my struggles and He is so good that He still loves me. He knows the thoughts in our heads and He loves us!

Not long ago, while talking about God’s love, I was rebuked with the following statement: “The love of God is important but everybody talks about that, we need to talk about other things because we are different.” My reply was immediate: “Really? Are we going to be different at the expense of God’s love. No way! God’s love is the most complete and solid teaching we have as Adventists. Anything else can be milk, but God’s love is by far the most important Biblical principle, and the most solid truth we have ever possessed as a church.

Think about it:

  • without God’s love there is no Creation, 
  • without God’s love there is no Cross, 
  • without God’s love there is no Resurrection, 
  • without God’s love there is no Sanctuary, no Second Coming, no Health Message, no Commandments
  • without God’s Love there is no Church,
  • without God’s Love there is NOTHING.

God’s love is the greatest and the major Present Truth of the Bible. Anything else can be the milk or the baby food, but God’s love is the most solid and complete teaching that we, as Adventists, can find in all of Scripture. It must be our central preaching subject and our biggest selling point, as a Church.

Dear Church leader, Pastor, Outreach Leader, Evangelist, and School of Evangelism Instructor, in the name of Jesus: Do not dare to run an outreach program, an evangelism initiative, or anything in your church or school, without making God’s Love front and center. If anything else is occupying the center or the front of your mission and programs, you are just creating the XXI Century Club of Pharisees, and remember, Pharisees were good at killing Jesus and not very good at evangelism. 

Never forget, GOD LOVES YOU! Please, tell them, with your actions and your words!


Pastor Jose Cortes Jr., is an Associate Ministerial Director and Leads Evangelism for the Adventist Church in North America.