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Best Practices for Adventist Evangelism - March 18, 2015
March 18, 2015
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Editorial: Different at the Expense of God's Love?
by Jose Cortes Jr.
Pastor Jose Cortes Jr.

I have been in some places, in which I almost felt as if I had to apologize for talking about God's love. I've been told that God's love is the soft food, the milk, the spiritual baby food but I am not a baby, I've been in this church for 42 years, and every time I hear a preacher or anyone say "GOD LOVES YOU" I get this feeling all over, my heart beats faster, my joy skyrockets, and my brain awakes to the deep thought that I am a sinner, I am messed up, yet GOD LOVES ME. The depth of the thought is just mysterious and immeasurable. Yes, I know we heard this before, but do we really believe it? He knows your life and He loves you. He knows my struggles and He is so good that He still loves me. He knows the thoughts in our heads and He loves us!


Not long ago, while talking about God's love, I was rebuked with the following statement: "The love of God is important but everybody talks about that, we need to talk about other things because we are different." My reply was immediate: "Really? Are we going to be different at the expense of God's love. No way! God's love is the most complete and solid teaching we have as Adventists. Anything else can be milk, but God's love is by far the most important Biblical principle, and the most solid truth we have ever possessed as a church. 


Season Of Service, Fueled by Compassion 

by Roger Hernandez

Roger Hernandez
Pastor Roger Hernandez
Far too often we have had a loud voice and invisible hands in our community. Season of 
Service (S.O.S.) is a 40 day service initiative that seeks to demonstrate God's love in practical ways to the city.  


The plan has three simple steps:


1. A daily service activity that any one person can do. This is encouraged in the daily devotional called: My City S.O.S. There are three simple service options every day.

2. A weekend service intensive activity with multiple opportunities to serve as churches, groups, families, and individuals. This usually happens around day 20 of the 40 days.

3. A Sabbath celebration of service in local churches where we affirm and thank volunteers for their service at the end of the 40 days. We invite and pray for civic leaders at that time.




Pastor Tacyana Nixon Baptizes 6 People, Weeks Before Giving Birth to Healthy Baby Girl


Pastor Tacyana Nixon Baptizing 

Sara Schemick

We are excited to announce that Pastor Tacyana Nixon and her husband Michael just became the happy and proud parents of baby girl Noa Elise Nixon, who was born yesterday, March 17. Tacyana is the Pastor of the Princeton Seventh-day Adventist Church in the New Jersey Conference. Just a few weeks ago, prior to the birth of her little girl, Pastor Nixon finished leading out in the remodeling of her church building and baptized six people. Yes, in what could be a "first" for Adventist Pastors in North America, she baptized six people while pregnant. To see more photos, click here



The North American Division Ministerial Team would like to congratulate Pastor Tacyana Nixon on the birth of her baby and on being an awesome and brave Pastor. 


More Compassion in San Antonio

by Armando Miranda Jr.

Two years ago, as pastor Gary Blanchard and myself started working at the Youth Department of the Texas Conference, a vision for mission started to flourish under the expectations of the upcoming General Conference Session of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. We realized that there were some areas we wanted to emphasize and as we met with different members of the team at the Conference to prepare for GC San Antonio, we knew that the task at hand was huge.


To reach and make an impact on a city of over 1 million where there are "not enough" Seventh Day Adventist Churches, seemed really far fetched. But we remembered that we are not called to count the things that could go wrong or the many challenges we may face, but we are called to trust in a mighty God who will move through His willing servants and perform mighty deeds!


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Application and Guidelines for $120,000 Giveaway

Evangelism Shark Tank at the CALLED NAD Ministerial Convention

Application Deadline - May 28, 2015

A huge highlight of the Called Ministerial Convention in Austin is the Evangelism Shark Tank, which will take place at 9:00 PM every night of the Convention. During this late night program, Pastors from across North America, will be able to present their innovative Evangelism and Outreach initiatives for their churches, to a panel. A total of $120,000.00 will be awarded among for the top ideas and initiatives, as chosen by the panel. These funds will go to the churches for implementation of the initiatives presented by their Pastor at the Evangelism Shark Tank. 

For Guidelines and to fill out the application to participate in the Evangelism Shark Tank, please click here


Seeds Church Planting Conferences 

Coming to a City Near You

Our North American Division Evangelism Institute (NADEI) leads SEEDS Church Planting Conferences throughout North America every year. These Conferences are very empowering to existing or potential Church Planters. If you are interested in holding a Seeds Church Planting Conference in your city, please contact Tom Evans, tevans@andrews.edu


Upcoming SEEDS Church Planting Conferences:


Ontario SEEDS - March 27-28, 2015

Vancouver SEEDS - April 10-11, 2015

Manitoba-Saskatchewan SEEDS - April 17-18

Kentucky-Tennessee SEEDS - April 17-19, 2015


For more info, you can also visit the new SEEDS Church Planting Conferences Facebook Page or visit the North American Division Evangelism Institute website



Transformational Evangelism Funds - Up to 50,000.00

Reaching out with Compassion in San Antonio, Texas


Transformational Evangelism Funding is available for innovative, grace-oriented, and incarnational initiatives which take into account the needs of the community and involve ways to address them with the Compassion of Jesus. The funding is for initiatives proposing a sustainable cycle, and a tangible transformation of lives, rather than a one-time evangelism event. Project proposals will need to be submitted through the local Union. Applications will be accepted by NAD as long as funds are available. 


For more info on Transformational Evangelism and to access grant application, please click here:  Transformational Evangelism 


Get Funding for Church Plant

Begin Applying now for 2016 Church Planting Funds


Church Planting Funding, also known as Global Mission Funding is available for the sole purpose of planting new churches in unentered communities. The funding could also apply to a different language or culture group church plant in an area where there may be other established churches. For more info and to access the application, click on this link:  Global Mission Funding

North America Wants Your Articles, Photos, & Videos

In the months to come we would like to publish, celebrate, pray for, and spread what God is doing through you. North America would love to see your evangelism and outreach stories, photos, and videos.


Send us articles, photos, and videos of your Best Practices in Evangelism & Outreach (traditional & innovative): 


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