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Attracting and Engaging Millennials
By Rajkumar Dixit, Rajinie Dixit, Kyle Stiems
An unusual phenomenon is occurring at Oakridge Adventist Church (OAC) in Vancouver, Canada. The number of young adults, ages 18-35, is defying the typical trend of rampant decrease. Rather, the number of young adults is increasing as displayed not only by their attendance at weekly worship services, but also their active service in all areas of ministry at OAC. This trend has led denominational leaders to focus attention on OAC as they ask the question, “What attracts young people and keeps them engaged in church life?”
In recent years, the majority of research conducted has been focused on why young
people are leaving the church. However in this study The North American Division of
Seventh-day Adventists asked researchers to find out why young adults are attending
church and what keeps them engaged in the church community.
This study explores the trends among young adults at Oakridge Adventist Church in
Vancouver, British Columbia and the wider British Columbia Conference of Seventh-day
Adventists in order to develop strategies to increase attendance and engagement of young
adults in local church congregations around the world. Collecting 130 responses from a
62-question survey, this study compiles the revealed data to assess the key factors that
attract young adults and keep them engaged. The study focuses on eight major areas: involvement of friends and family, church climate, outreach and community involvement, transformative experience, spiritual authenticity, ecclesial Leadership, Adventist distinctives, and evangelism. This report outlines the thoughts, opinions, and behaviors of the church-engaged — young people who are actively attending and participating in the communal and spiritual life of their local church.
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Kumar Dixit is ministerial director for the British Columbia Conference.  Kyle Stiemsma is assistant pastor for the Oakridge Church, and Rajinie Dixit is a speech pathologist and children’s director for the Oakridge Church in Vancouver
Reprinted from the first quarter 2015 CALLED