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InMinistry Educational Options
Pastor Walt (Wally) Williams serves as the North American Division as an Associate Ministerial Director, Associate Professor of Christian Ministry, and he is Director of the InMinistry Center at the SDA Theological Seminary. The InMinistry Center @ the Seminary offers incredibly ministry learning venues through intensives for pastors of NAD.  For example:

MDiv with a New Twist:
Pastors, or pastors-to-be, now have an alternative Master of Divinity option from the SDA Theological Seminary.  Instead of coming full-time on campus, students can begin their MDiv through the InMinistry part-time, off-campus option prior to completing the balance on-campus.  Several advantages to consider:

First, since the InMinistry MDiv option is part-time and via 2-week intensives, you can delay actually moving to Andrews University.  This allows you to continue in your current employment or situation until you are ready to finish the on-campus portion.

Second, InMinistry MDiv classes accentuate the application as well as the learning aspect of theological education.  Thus you get to implement projects of your choice in the context of real ministry situation.

Third, instead of a solo learning activity, you are part of a cohort on a journey together.  Being on a team is an intentional adult learning model that hopefully is an example of how ministry should occur.

Fourth, you get to choose an experience pastor-mentor that InMinistry will train as a confidant and colleague who cares about your success and encourages you toward your goals.

For more specifics about the InMinistry MDiv, check us out at www.andrews.edu/inministry.

MA for the NAD Field:
Were you hired for ministry without the chance to get the normal MDiv degree?  The MA in Pastoral Ministry was specially created for you!  This 48 credit professional degree includes a sampling of the full complement of seminary specialties, but not to the extent of an MDiv.  

Applicants must be 35, been active in ministry leadership for the last 5-years, and hold any bachelor's degree.  Classes are delivered in 2-week intensives in 7 unions of the North American Division.  This employee benefit is offered by the generosity of your conference and union.

For more details contact us at www.andrews.edu/inministry.