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CALLED Spouses Meetings: Interesting and Inspiring Experiences Await You!
Imagine walking into a huge room - approximately 200 feet long and 150 feet wide - filled with over 1200 ministerial spouses from the tropical islands of Guam and Micronesia to Bermuda and from every province in Canada and every state in U.S.A. plus various other countries. Imagine the collective spiritual dynamo of praying in unity together to our magnificent God Who invites us to seek Him!   

One of the several unique and inspirational experiences planned for the Spouses’ general sessions will be a fun ‘Ministry Expo’. This expo will be like wandering through a festive market where the sights, sounds and colors beckon! Actually, 36 activity stations will beckon - each featuring a different kind of ministry carried out by ministerial spouses within the NAD. At each station, attendees will be drawn into an approximate eight minute interactive experience before moving on to another activity station.

When asked what is the purpose of the expo, Donna Jackson, NAD Ministerial Spouse Leader, stated that it was threefold: “To showcase a portion of the rich variety of ministries engaged in by NAD spouses, to give a better understanding of and compassion for the people who these ministries target, and to stimulate the flow of even more creative juices for ministry!” 
Other inspirational moments will come during the plenary meetings from videoed stories of ministerial spouses and also from the plenary speakers which include: Nicolle Brise, Mark O’Ffill, Adrienne Townsend, Mike & Gayle Tucker, Bernie & Christina Anderson, Jerry & Janet Page, Rebecca Pippert, Elizabeth Talbot and Jo Ann Davidson. Sample two of the speakers:

Adrienne Townsend                                         Rebecca Pippert

As well there are forty plus seminar presenters recommended for spouses on a wide variety of topics.

If you haven’t registered yet, there’s still time before April 1 when the registration goes up $30 per person. And there’s still more room left in the Spouses meeting room - and it’s for you!