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PK Heidi Dart’s Letter to Her Father

By Heidi Dart

Dear Dad (Jed Dart),


Tomorrow, the 29th, is your wife's birthday. Why am I writing this birthday message to you? Not only to remind you that your wife's birthday is tomorrow, but also because mom kinda loves you and I want the best for her. I'm kind of jealous that she claims that you are her best friend, I mean what am I, chopped liver? Since you are her husband you have to write a better birthday letter to her then I, her daughter. Make sure to let her know these things in wishing your wife a happy birthday, but instead of saying them in daughter terms, translate them in husband terms:


1. Mom, you are my parent (duh!), but you are more than that. You are a parent who truly cares, and that is very rare these days. When I am in a jam, something is on my mind or I have exciting news, I don't hesitate to call, because I know I can tell you anything, good or bad. You will help me with the bad and celebrate with me in the good. You're my best old, but still pretty young, best friend.

Translation: Tell her "I'm glad I can tell you about tools, and you'll listen."


2. Mom, you are determined and that inspires me. Going back to school to get a Masters degree wasn't easy, but you did it and still remained wonder woman to your family and friends, even during your hard classes (Want to help me with my classes?). You went on to get a job and you're the prettiest Pastor I have ever seen.

Translation: Tell her "You're smarter than me"


3. Mom; Manservant OF the MAN. You follow God in everything you do, and that encourages me so greatly in my walk with God. It wasn't easy to leave your friends and home to follow what God told you to do, but you did it anyway with a smile, even though it was hard and broke your heart to leave. God continues to give you tasks that are out of your comfort zone, but as faithful as you are, you continue to follow him. You are amazing. You possess lots of Christ-like qualities, you are beautiful inside and out.

Translation: Tell her "Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven?"


4. Mom, I could go on and on about your amazing qualities and the woman you are. You have inspired me to be a better woman. You are my role model, and the talents you have are endless. You cook like a healthy Paula Dean and sing like a Christian Madonna. You are like classic non-alcoholic wine, and get better with age. You are full of wisdom, and you apply it to your life. I love you with all my heart.

Translation: Tell her "I love you. I'm lucky I married you."


I hope that helps you out Dad, with your birthday wishes to Mom.  


Don't forget!