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., the Missing Resource
By Roy Ice

Have you ever done a Google search for “young adult ministry resources?” I have, several times, and it is definitely frustrating. The most common links will simply take you to a local church website that will invite you to their events and programs. Others will take you to sites that try to help you understand the “10 Things Millennials Hate,” or “How to Motivate Young Adults.” That might be helpful if you’re not a young adult, but what if you are? What resources are on the web that you can download or stream right now to help you on your journey?

Those were the questions that haunted me—that nagged me—until I decided to do something about it. That’s when the concept of came to mind.

I am richly blessed by the staff at the Loma Linda University Church. They are constantly challenging themselves to raise the bar and redefine what is possible. In February of 2014 I took a step back and said a simple prayer, “God, what do You want us to do with the wealth of resources that we have?” And that’s when my frustration and God’s solution came together to form a new young adult ministry resource, is a website that contains a growing library of videos and printable resources. We decided to offer these resources at the best price of all—free! This website is designed for young adults and their leaders to find rock solid biblical materials that can help them to mature spiritually and theologically as they prepare for their life purpose. It is available, on-demand, no matter what time of day or night a young adult might feel impressed to grow in their walk with Jesus. All of the videos are linked to a YouTube channel, because we’ve found that is where young adults go for their “how to” questions.

Here is what you can find on this resource website: On the “Study Packs” tab you will see four-part series packs on a wide variety of young adult topics that each contain a video message and a free downloadable small group study guide in a PDF format. Print out as many as you need for your group.

The “Can Openers” tab provides a number of topical intro videos that you can use at the beginning of your programs to introduce your topic.

The new “Printables” tab currently provides a 22-week small group Bible study called, “Guidebook for Young Revolutionaries.” These study guides help to train your group to become the best apprentices of Christ. This discipleship training course covers nearly six months of your Bible study programs. More printable study guides are forthcoming. also hosts a growing list of “Shows.” Shows are video and audio programs that are produced by several young adults and young adult professional partner ministries to provide a place to discuss tough, raw questions and to try to find some relevant answers and perspectives. Our current lineup includes shows from Pastor Tony Wuerfel, Dustin Comm and Eddie Hypolite. has only been on the web for a couple of months now, but the analytics are fairly encouraging. As of the third week of February, 2015, we have reached over 50,000 individuals interested in resources for young adult ministry. That is encouraging to us, and pushes us to give voice to our Adventist movement at a time when young adults are searching for spiritual solutions. Now, while resources appear scarce, we hope that we can fill that void with solid theology that will influence how this generation perceives Adventism, and to help them see how our community of faith can rally to lift them up to Jesus.