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Getting Off to a Great Start - Ever wonder why some college/seminary students, or young pastors successfully navigate the transition into full-time ministry and others don’t? Ever ask yourself, why do some churches or conferences seem to have a knack for producing great, young pastors, and others don't? 
Fundraising Doesn’t Cause People To Stop Giving Their Tithe and Offerings - Are you reluctant to begin a major fundraising project because you are afraid that tithe and offerings will be reduced? Pastors and church leaders all too often express such fear. Is it a realistic fear? 
Stories We Tell: Rascally Raccoons - A lady visiting the zoo peered into the raccoon exhibit. When the zoo keeper came by and saw her enjoying herself, he shared with her this interesting fact – Raccoons go through a glandular change at the age of about 24 months. After that, they will often attack their owners. 
Effective Preaching: Preparing Notes - The mind has a way of forgetting things when you need them and recalling things at just the wrong moments, like forgetting your sermon flow and remembering that you’re scared of public speaking just when you step up to the pulpit. There is hope. 
Giving Our Best for God’s Children - Question – Why is our Church now requiring its children and youth ministries volunteers to undergo criminal background screening and training in child abuse awareness and prevention? I’ve volunteered and worked with children for over twenty years and now my character is being questioned? 

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