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Boost Your Ministry by Working With Your Spouse - When I started my ministry, questions about my wife’s partnership in my ministry would have created a source of embarrassment for me. Her ministry, as far as I was concerned, was to take care of our two daughters in their Sabbath School classes, and to play the piano. 
6 Ways to Guard Your Marriage in Ministry - Sexual sin is not morally worse than other sins, but because it has such a powerful effect on the whole person, it is more devastating. Sex is dangerous when it is misused; it can destroy us, body and soul. Here are a few tips to guard your marriage in ministry. 
Preparing a Couple for Lifelong Marriage - A recent wedding I performed might provide insight in how to navigate the sometimes-muddy waters of wedding dynamics. 
Is The Fundraising Plan Your Pastoral Function? - A church with a mission faces challenges and projects where the financial factor is the key. All of us without exception need resources. Even if it is not our major skills and specialty, these are some steps to consider: 
Christmas Evangelism Ideas - The flurry of Christmas activities can leave a lot of people feeling snowed under and eager to dig out. Deep in their hearts they are looking for the Reason for the Season. That is why Christmas is the best time of the year to share Jesus with our friends and communities. 

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