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Giving to Religion – A Changing Landscape - Collectively, religious organizations are perhaps the most significant and important social institution in America. While this might seem like a bold statement, statistics abound on the important of religion to the American way of life 
Schaller and the Small Church - Schaller’s work in studying and identifying trends and realities in churches of all sizes is quite well known. Since the territory I now serve has many more small churches than large ones, it seemed worthwhile for me to revisit Schaller’s thinking on small churches. 
5 Web Tools Your Church Needs - Churches are now doing online marketing, digital evangelism and discipleship, and connecting regularly with people through emails, social media, and your blog. 
Addressing Pastoral Burnout Part 1 - Burnout is not a term or phenomenon that is new to contemporary times, but it is a recurring issue in the work of the ministry, and therefore needs to be addressed. Is there any hope of renewal for the pastor experiencing burnout? 
They're applauding for me in church; should I take a bow? - "But one day someone rang an alarm in my head that I have not yet been able to shake. I was serving in a worship meeting with Pastor John Nixon, and speaking to a dozen music professionals in the room. He said, 'I could never finish a sermon to applause and take a bow for the work I had done on behalf of my master.' That saying continues... 

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