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Christmas Evangelism Ideas - The flurry of Christmas activities can leave a lot of people feeling snowed under and eager to dig out. Deep in their hearts they are looking for the Reason for the Season. That is why Christmas is the best time of the year to share Jesus with our friends and communities. 
Blue Christmas - At some point in our lives we all suffer loss. Suffering seems out of place at this joyful time of year, yet many in our congregations and communities deal with this reality every year. 
Stories We Tell: You’re Invited - Sometimes things really are too good to be true. This is probably what Robert Kirkpatrick thought when he received an invitation to a fundraising dinner with President George W. Bush. Imagine his surprise when he opened the invitation inviting him to the $2,500-a-plate banquet in D.C.. 
New NAD Ministerial Associate joins to focus on Evangelism - Pastor Jose Herminio Cortes, Jr. joins the North American Division team as an associate director for the NAD Ministerial Department. He joins the NAD ministerial team to focus on transformational evangelism, discipleship, and outreach in the NAD. 
Vetting the Ministries - Despite the direct access that people have to your members, there are ways in which you can screen affiliated or non-affiliated groups to determine whether or not you will endorse, or even permit, their communications and materials within your church facility. 

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