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Cumulative Change: Radical Change without...Radical Change - In worship ministry, sustainable, radical change is often the cumulative effect of small changes, consistently maintained over a long period of time. 
Establishing a Worship & Music Ministry in Your Local Church (Part II) - In Part I of this article, Howard summarized three fundamental questions addressed in my presentation for the 2015 Andrews Worship & Music Conference. Part 2 focuses on practical steps to take in establishing a Worship & Music Ministry, as well as suggestions for funding the position and some tools for success. 
Evangelism Shark Tank Finalists - The five Evangelism Shark Tank Judges met last week, on June 17, and selected the 15 Finalists. They expressed certain level of anxiety at having to pick only 15 initiatives among so many great ones. The group composed by Kumar Dixit, Roger Hernandez, Sung Kwon, Tara VinCross, and Jesse Wilson, prayed and worked together, looking at the objectives and... 
Get Out and Venture Outside the Walls - I get the impression that Jesus was a very likable fellow. When reading the Gospels, Jesus does not strike me as someone whom people feared. On the contrary, He was known for transforming lives as He walked the earth: at the wedding, on the road, at the pool. He did not scare people, He attracted people because He loved them and they sensed He loved them.... 
Preparing a Sermon Series - I take very seriously the preparation and progression of an annual sermon calendar. This sermon calendar then leads me into preparing individual sermon series, which make the preparation of weekly sermons an easier task. 

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