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Hope for the Wounded: Advocating for Addiction Recovery Among Adventists - As a third generation Seventh-day Adventist, I am no stranger to church. I am, however, a stranger to “airing your dirty laundry” at church. I grew up in a church culture where people sat like well-dressed ducks in a row. 
Called … But Why? Perspectives on the Call to Leadership - If you are anything like me, especially when I have committed a great blunder in ministry, in exasperation you would have asked: “Why in the world did God call me to leadership? Lord … what are you getting out of it?” 
Cybersecurity Basics: How to Protect Your Ministry On the Cyber Level - When it comes to cybersecurity, many of us can feel lost among the cyber lingo and unsure on how to protect our churches, schools, and ministries against risks in the digital world. Tony Vargas will help answer many of your questions. 
Taking the Stress out of Sermon Prep - Here’s a strategy that will take a lot of the anxiety out of sermon preparation. Here’s the system that helps me to see the next Sabbath long before it comes and thus remove a great deal of the pressure of preparation. 
Ministry in the Face of Tragedy - In my 49 years of ministry my greatest challenge has been to pastor in the face of tragedy – death, accidents, trauma, disease, times of profound loss. 
Racial Unity in the City and Church - Can people from different races get along? Can those with different colors of skin understand each other? Can individuals from different cultures and different pasts learn to listen to, accept, and interact with each other? 

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Strategies for Alleviation of Stressors
This is a report from a study of the stressors faced by Seventh-day Adventist pastors and their families in the NAD. 
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