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The 11:00 Hour: Is Society Changing What We Hear on Sabbath Mornings? - I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard someone remark, “I just don’t seem to get anything out of church.” Implied in that statement is the sense that the worship service is a spectator event, at which members of the congregation critique the worship participants and pass judgment on the experience as if it... 
Ministry with Millennials: Can You Hear Me Now? - Often we intuitively look at program attendance, church activity, and/or behaviors of our young people to give us a sense of what their trajectory of church involvement will be later in life. In this most recent study of Adventist Millennials, conducted by the Barna Group, there were some fascinating findings. 
Radical Restructuring for Church Ministries - There were no plans for specific ministry growth. Every two years the nominating committee might (or might not) re-elect a current church officer-holder so nobody really cared much about their “here today, gone tomorrow!” church positions. 
Anointing the Sick - When I was a child, the anointing service appeared to be something mysterious that happened behind closed doors. After 28 years of pastoral ministry I have learned that the anointing service is something mysterious that happens to open doors—doors of surrender, reconciliation, forgiveness, and healing. 
Brenda Billingy - Brenda Billingy joins the NAD team as an associate director for the NAD Ministerial Department. She joins with mission and focus to serve women clergy called by God to be pastors in the North American Division. 

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