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Pirates in the Pulpit - Dear Ask a Seasoned Pastor: Most of the time I re-preach the sermons of other great preachers. I find most of the congregation is being fed by these outstanding sermons. However they think that the sermons I preach should be my own creation. What do you think? 
Taming E-Mail - A while ago I decided that it was time to re-think the way I handle e-mail. My inbox was pretty big and it was annoying to scroll through it. The good news is that there are ways to deal with e-mail overload. 
Stories We Tell: Love Must Be Demonstrated - A couple was sitting on the porch swing. It was quiet. No one was saying anything. The man felt this was just the right time, so he took a deep breath, stretched, put his arm around her, and said, “Can I kiss you?” 
Reviving Communion - There is a perennial problem in most churches regarding communion: most of our church members avoid it if they can help it. 
Reversing the Trend - “Pastor, what can I do to help you in the church?” This is music to the pastor’s ears when they hear leaders and members asking them how they can be of help. Unfortunately, pastors usually respond by giving them a task or two but fail to see the real opportunity. 

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