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Offertory Reading Appeal for April 30, 2016 - In a bold step, the leaders of the NAD, in collaboration with the leaders of our Unions, Conferences, and local Churches are praying and working to plant 1,000 new community Adventist Churches in the next five years (2016-2021). 
Why Our Churches Need to be on Social Media - Bladensburg has a weekly attendance of between 375 and 400, but their Facebook page has more than 1,200 fans. He says that the church’s social media efforts have had a tremendous impact. “We’ve had people attend service because of our Facebook and Twitter accounts.” 
Graceful Retirement - Retirement is a forbidden word for those who say, “I’ll be a pastor until the day I die.” For others, retirement cannot come too soon; they are more than ready to escape the pressures and expectations that so often robbed them of sleep. 
Building a Great Team - Building a Great Team introduces four components to help build strong teams so where leaders do not feel they are alone, and for helping teens feel that they are part of something that matters. 
Church and Our Kids - Some of our young people will move seamlessly from “kids in church” to “grownups in church.” If we have practiced loving and respecting them, it will be easy for us to hand over the reins and natural for them to take them. 
3 Reasons Why I Don't Want My Child To Be A Pastor - Here are three reasons why I would answer “no” to the question of “Do I want my child to be a pastor?” 

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Pastor's Life

Strategies for Alleviation of Stressors
This is a report from a study of the stressors faced by Seventh-day Adventist pastors and their families in the NAD. 
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