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Giving Our Best for God’s Children - Question – Why is our Church now requiring its children and youth ministries volunteers to undergo criminal background screening and training in child abuse awareness and prevention? I’ve volunteered and worked with children for over twenty years and now my character is being questioned? 
The Most Important Investment a Pastor Can Make - This isn’t a PR piece for the Hampton Minister’s Conference. It’s a reflection on an important investment that every leader needs to make. You must invest in you! 
Stories We Tell: God Wins - God is so omnipotent, so far above us in wisdom and power that no matter what we choose to do from day to day, He is still able to accomplish His purposes and will. 
Effective Preaching: Choosing Illustrations - Illustrations are pictures in books that show what the book tells. They add force to its message. In a sermon, they serve the same goal but the medium has changed. Instead of ink and paper, you have words and the listener’s mind. 
Special Services is the Theme for CALLED Digital Magazine - As clergy our role is to leverage the uniqueness of special services so that they can powerfully accomplish something out of the ordinary, whether baptisms, a funerals, weddings, anointing services or any other special services of the church. In this issue of CALLED several pastors share their insights on releasing the potential of these... 

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