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More Things To Stop Saying - This is part two of our series on things we should stop saying from the pulpit. I hope that this list of things that need to get modified, erased, or deleted brings a smile to your face, happiness to your week, and joy to your heart. Any similarity with the church you attend is simply coincidental. 
Strategic Friendship Evangelism - In our past, we’ve seen others try to manipulate people into becoming Christians and we don’t want to do the same. So, let me share with you simple, yet effective ways I‘ve learned to naturally lead people to Jesus. 
The Printed Prophets - In his book The Printed Prophets, Lemuel Olan Jimenez, makes the strong case for literature evangelism in all in its forms as a vital means of disseminating God’s last-day message to planet earth. 
Stories We Tell: Listen to the Son - Getting a plumber on short notice is both difficult and expensive. Not having anyone in the church that is a plumber, it seemed like something I needed to tackle. Unfortunately, I have a bad attitude toward plumbing based on past attempts that resulted in calling a plumber to fix the mess I made. 
Transformational Evangelism Project Stimulus Grants Launched - “Transformational evangelism is when the grace of God springs to life in the congregation and compels members to intentionally share the grace with their communities resulting in hope and wholeness for both.” 

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