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Encouragement for Disappointed Millennials - I believe in this Church. I believe God is leading. That does NOT mean that every decision will be right or that I will agree with every decision. To have tension in any organization, including the church, is normal and I believe healthy. 
Talking Points for the Conversation - Many have been asking me, what do I say to those who are hurting after this vote? Here’s an answer I shared with a friend and church member that I think can make for a good discussion starter for those having similar conversations. 
What It’s Really Like to Be a Woman Pastor - I hear a lot of people saying the Adventist church does not support women pastors because of the recent vote not to allow women to be ordained. Many are questioning their membership in the Adventist church because of it. So I want to set something straight. 
5 Things Adventist Millennials Can Do After the General Conference. - It. Is. Finished. Now what? There are 5 things that you and I can do in light of, and in response to, what has happened. 
Tenderly Caring for Our Wounded - Here are five suggestions for pastors as they help Millennials and others process GC 2015: 

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