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NAD Women Pastors and Chaplains Retreat - Join us as we RENEW our FAITH, FOCUS, and FRIENDSHIPS. This event promises to provide a time of refreshing so that, as women, we can return to our positions soaring on wings like eagles! 
Adventist Pastors serve LGBT people in Orlando - The tragic loss of LGBT people at the club 'Pulse' in Orlando this last weekend is incomprehensible on so many levels. Yet in the midst of the carnage, grief, loss, and devastation, God used the arms of Seventh-day Adventist pastors to journey through the shadows of the valley of death with LGBT people and their families. 
Great Sermon, Pastor - How should a pastor respond when complimented on their sermon? Here are five recommendations: 
Missional Prayer - Prayer is a big part of our ministry – at least that’s what our people think. They come to us and say, “Pastor, would you pray for me? Could you please pray about my finals, my work, my friend, my kids, etc.?” 
"Who Sends Their Employees to Bermuda for Two Days?”
Leave Your Gift at the Altar - God’s reconciliation with us in Christ is what makes it possible for us to reconcile with our family, friends, colleagues and neighbors. We do not accept and love others so that God will accept and love us but because we have already been accepted and loved beyond measure. 

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Strategies for Alleviation of Stressors
This is a report from a study of the stressors faced by Seventh-day Adventist pastors and their families in the NAD. 
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