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Worship and Mission - The United States’ presidential election is over a year away, but the race is of course well underway. With memories of the Adventist Church’s General Conference Session in San Antonio fresh in my mind, the parallels between national and church politics are too obvious to ignore. An unfortunate number of resemblances could be noted, such as the growing polarization on... 
Choosing Music for Worship - It seems that a comprehensive process for choosing worship music is often missing. Besides looking in the back of a hymnal, there are songs being written daily by both hymnists and CCM composers that can be found on the internet. How do you decide where to start? 
Best Practices for Adventist Evangelism - August 21, 2015 - Reaching, Retaining, and Reclaiming North America with a Lifestyle and a Message of Compassion, Hope, and Wholeness! 
Evangelism Shark Tank Update #1 - Pastor Mike Dauncey, Aldergrove Adventist Church, British Columbia Conference, Canada - The Aldergrove Adventist Church is one of the leading churches in North American in reaching the community through Acts of Kindness (AOK) and out of the box evangelism. 
A Conspiracy in North America (Part 2) - I envision the day when our church will be known for our Compassion and Love for humanity rather than for the things we oppose. The day when this happens we will be in great historic company, we’ll be in the company of Jesus. Jesus was known for loving people of all walks of life and backgrounds, as He walked this earth. 

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