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Diversity in Worship - The call for diversity and worship is at the heart of Adventist mission. It includes people of every nation (ethnicity), tribe (culture), language, and people (race). Today, by God’s grace, Seventh-day Adventist Church is the most racially diverse religious group in the United States, according to Pew Research, 2015. But multicultural worship is challenging. We need to... 
Leave Your Politics at the Church Door? - Planning worship week to week, something I've long known has recently become very evident: silence in the face of the world's problems is not spiritual or sublime; It’s consent. It’s consent without even the courage of conviction. Worshipping together affords us a time not to forget and ignore but to remember. 
Multicultural Worship Planning - As more and more churches are being proactive and intentional to make their churches multicultural, planning meaningful worship can be a new and unforeseen challenge. At New Hope Adventist Church in Fulton, Maryland, we enjoy the blessing of a truly diverse congregation with over 40 nationalities represented and no dominant culture. Understandably, along with a... 
Creating Virtual Worship Spaces - There was a time when small churches would just “uplink” to a large church or a livestreamed event put on by the world church. Worse yet, some would play previously taped videos of prominent ministers/ministries. Those days are long gone. 
The Fundraising Committee and the Pastor - There will always be something that will require funding beyond the capacity of the church budget. Therefore local congregations will from time to time need to form a fundraising committee and raise additional monies for local projects and ministries. 
Cookie Cutter Evangelism is Futility - CALLED 3Q16 Now Available Electronically - Radical Evangelism is the theme of 3Q16 CALLED magazine edited by Jose Cortes Jr. Jose has assembled a collection of articles on evangelism including: 

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Strategies for Alleviation of Stressors
This is a report from a study of the stressors faced by Seventh-day Adventist pastors and their families in the NAD. 
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