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Competition Among Pastors - Let’s talk a little bit about competition among pastors. First, I would actually like to start with how this plays itself out as opposed to defining it. Competition among pastors plays itself out through individualism. 
After the Rain - Steig, our head deacon, made a quick trip to the church with a shop vac and drill. As he walked through the church he noted the damage – fallen ceiling tiles, puddles in the light fixtures, wet carpets, soaked walls, deformations under the wall paper, mud and grime trickling down the walls... 
Taking the Mystery Out of Guest Visits - The clock in my car reads 9:30 as I drive into the church parking lot. There are plenty of spaces, so I park with the other vehicles clustered in slots closest to the only visible entrance. I’ve never visited a Seventh-day Adventist church, so I’m not sure what to expect. 
Stories We Tell: Remember Who You Are - He was an unusual boy. The teacher was sure she had never seen anyone like him. If the other students were acting up in the class or out at recess, it was certain that he was not one of them. In all that he did, he was different. 
Liturgical Lessons from the Decalogue: Angry Worship? - Anger over a tragic killing, a grand jury decision and ongoing systemic injustices in the United States has spilled out into the streets of Ferguson, Missouri and cities across the nation. How are those of us who claim to follow Jesus to respond? And how can we prepare to worship a God of peace, love and justice? 

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