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Winning the Worship Wars (Part 1) - In this article series, the author offers some suggestions that may help church leaders and musicians navigate the treacherous waters of the worship wars in our churches. In Part 1, he looks at the place of music in worship. 
Worship and the Priesthood of All Believers - The Protestant Reformation restored to Christian worship two emphases that Adventists have always claimed as essential to our identity: the centrality of Scripture and the priesthood of all believers. Our emphasis on Scripture in worship has remained firm throughout our history, but our commitment to the priesthood of all believers has—in... 
The Looming Shortage of Adventist Pastors - The aging of this huge cohort of Americans will dramatically change the composition of the country. This bubble will affect the pastoral workforce in the North American Division in the United States and Canada in two major areas: Local Pastors and Administrative Positions... 
Fundraising in the Local Church - The dynamics of fundraising in the local church setting can be better understood by a comparison with fundraising in higher education and in health care. The differences are significant and yet the principles are the same. Here are some of the factors to consider. 
Plant 1000 - #plant1000 - The North American Division, General Conference, Conferences, and Unions will partner with our local churches and invest to help fund 1000 community churches from 2016 to 2020. 
Day of Hope & Compassion - #dayofhope #compassion10m - This celebration will provide an opportunity for grand collaboration among church members, church ministries, and institutions. Please, mark your calendars (April 16-17, 2016), we need total involvement to make it a reality. 

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