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5 Reasons Membership Matters - The local churches in the first century were places where Christians gathered for worship, fellowship, and evangelism. They were filled with men and women, boys and girls who belonged. Membership mattered to them. 
Fundraising and the Forgotten Word - The most effective and ethical approach to fundraising, recognizes that donor relationships, are in fact, close, and deeply significant partnerships, built on trust. 
Preaching to the World: When Everything You Say is Heard by Everyone Instantly - We live in an instant world. Everything happens in nanoseconds and is instantly available around the world through social media, email and texting. 
Best Practices for Adventist Evangelism - March 18, 2015 - I have been in some places, in which I almost felt as if I had to apologize for talking about God's love. I've been told that God's love is the soft food, the milk, the spiritual baby food but I am not a baby, I've been in this church for 42 years, and every time I hear a preacher or anyone say "GOD LOVES YOU" I get this feeling all over,... 
More Compassion in San Antonio by Armando Miranda Jr. - Two years ago, as pastor Gary Blanchard and myself started working at the Youth Department of the Texas Conference, a vision for mission started to flourish under the expectations of the upcoming General Conference Session of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. We realized that there were some areas we wanted to emphasize and as we met with... 

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