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Creating Virtual Worship Spaces - There was a time when small churches would just “uplink” to a large church or a livestreamed event put on by the world church. Worse yet, some would play previously taped videos of prominent ministers/ministries. Those days are long gone. 
The Fundraising Committee and the Pastor - There will always be something that will require funding beyond the capacity of the church budget. Therefore local congregations will from time to time need to form a fundraising committee and raise additional monies for local projects and ministries. 
Cookie Cutter Evangelism is Futility - CALLED 3Q16 Now Available Electronically - Radical Evangelism is the theme of 3Q16 CALLED magazine edited by Jose Cortes Jr. Jose has assembled a collection of articles on evangelism including: 
The Politics of Worship - Adventists have a long history of advocating for religious liberty and a specific theological framework within which it is understood to be so important. In this article, I discuss how religious freedom might relate to our worship practices during times of turbulent civic and church politics. 
Reviving the Word - What is the current state of reading Scripture in your church? If your services are anything like the ones I often experience, the Scripture Reading is on life support, hardly the living Word. I wish to impress upon you, pastors and worship leaders, “devote yourselves to the public reading of Scripture.” 
My Resolve - In the wake of the Unity in Mission: Procedures in Church Reconciliation action taken in the October 18 Annual Council session, I am finding my resolve tested at a whole new level. 

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Strategies for Alleviation of Stressors
This is a report from a study of the stressors faced by Seventh-day Adventist pastors and their families in the NAD. 
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