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Two $50,000.00 Grants for Transformational Evangelism Distributed
The North American Division Transformational Evangelism Committee recently awarded two grants of $50,000.00, One was received by the Dallas City Temple, the other went to a combined cluster of 22 Spanish Churches in the Atlanta Metro Area.
Dallas City Temple, Southwest Region Conference, Southwestern Union - $50,000.00
The initiative of the Dallas City Temple will bless the community through the LiveWell Center, a community education and outreach center located in the heart of a mixed urban community in Dallas, which will partner with over 20 different organizations for a long term and sustainable impact in the community. The Dallas City Temple, under the leadership of Pastor Eddie Polite has establish a model of Church-Community collaboration which can be duplicated across urban centers in North America.
For more information on this project, please contact the Dallas City Temple:
Thea G. Walker
Executive Director
DCT LiveWell
Elder & Pastoral Assistant for Administration
Dallas City Temple Seventh-day Adventist Church
Spanish-Speaking Churches, Georgia Cumberland & South Atlantic Conferences, Southern Union - $50,000.00
The initiative of the Southern Union involves a 22 Spanish-speaking Churches, from the Georgia Cumberland and the South Atlantic Conferences. Their vision is to create a long-term and sustainable culture of Compassion among the Churches and the members, which will bless the hispanic population (over 100,000) in Atlanta with healing, hope, and options for a better life. A 9 month period of training of over 900 lay members, a practical guided Season of 40 Days of Service, holistic small groups, and special periods for proclamation are all part of the Transformational Evangelism cycle of this initiative, led by Pastor Roger Hernandez.
For more information on this initiative, please contact the Southern Union:
Roger Hernandez
Ministerial/Evangelism Director
Southern Union of Seventh-day Adventists
(770) 408-1800
Our team will follow-up on these two initiatives and continue to report on their development. For more information on Transformational Evangelism, please click here.