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Best Practices for Adventist Evangelism - Special Year End Meetings 2015 Edition (Initiatives & Funding)
Special Year End Meeting Edition - November 2015 
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A Turning Point in Adventist Evangelism in North America
by Jose Cortes Jr.
Pastor Jose Cortes Jr
We should not venture into 2016 without renewing our commitment to be the people of hope, compassion, and wholeness to our families, neighborhoods, cities, and nations in our territory. The year 2016 could be a turning point in Adventist Evangelism in North America if we decide that we will intentionally collaborate, partner, and invest in loving people in our communities across the United States, Canada, Bermuda, and the islands of Guam and Micronesia, all together at the same time.
Under the direction of our North American Division President, Pastor Dan Jackson, and in collaboration with our Leadership Team, Unions, Conferences, Church Pastors and leaders, we have worked on several missional initiatives which will encourage us in our calling for 2016 and beyond. The objective is to help our churches in North America to work together in the mission, involving all of our members, and allowing people in our communities to realize how much God loves them and how important they are to us Adventists.
These missional initiatives are not intrusive, they are not meant to replace the great plans our local churches already have in place. These initiatives can be central or complementary; they can be the plan or be the help to enhance the plan that is already in place. They are great opportunities for our North American Church to unite and get inspired to do what Jesus does best, and that is, to love people. We pray they will be the launching pad to a paradigm shift in Adventist culture and lifestyle.  Read More...
Missional Initiatives & Funding Voted at 2015 Year End Meetings of the North American Division
Compassion 10 Million - #compassion10m

Compassion 10 Million is an opportunity for each Adventist member in North America to be involved in mission by becoming the Eyes, Heart, Hands, and Feet of Jesus inside and outside the walls of our homes and churches. It calls for Adventists across North America to collectively invest 10 million hours blessing our communities with intentional, repetitive, and relevant acts of love and service. This initiative provides the opportunity for everyone to be involved somehow. Preaching and teaching are also acts of compassion, yet not all of us may be able to preach or teach, but we can all reach.
Compassion Weekend (second weekend of every month): To create momentum, establish unity, and produce a greater effect, we are encouraging each church to set aside the second weekend of every month, making it a special time for intentional community outreach, attending to the needs of people in our neighborhoods. These weekends will serve as reminders of our mission and as an opportunity for all the Ministries of the Church to collaborate together under the umbrella of Transformational Evangelism. Just imagine 6,277 churches, taking time every second Sabbath, after the church service, and every second Sunday to go out into the community to show the love of God and the compassion of Jesus in practical ways.
Compassion Weekend Dates for 2016: January 9-10; February 13-14: March 12-13; April 9-10; May 14-15; June 11-12; July 9-10; August 13-14; September 10-11; October 8-9; November 12-13; December 10-11.
Funding for a Compassion Model Church in each Conference: $15,000.00 has been set aside in collaboration with the Unions and Conferences to support a Compassion Model Church per Conference (NAD $10,000.00 / Union $2,500.00 / Conference $2,500.00) - Application and Guidelines will be available shortly - Each Conference will select its Compassion Model Church.
Day of Hope & Compassion (April 16-17, 2016)
#dayofhope #compassion10m 
The Day of Hope & Compassion will serve as a very festive two-day Division-wide commemoration of our hope. Our President, Pastor Dan Jackson, envisions all Adventist Congregations, K-12 Schools, Colleges, Universities, and Hospital in North America celebrating our hope through acts of compassion, a social media blitz, joyful worship services, and distribution of inspiring Adventist literature that is practical to the daily lives and needs of our communities. This celebration will provide an opportunity for grand collaboration among church members, church ministries, and institutions. Please, mark your calendars, we need total involvement to make it a reality.
Resources: the North American Division will develop resources and create a media promotional campaign to assist congregations, schools, and hospitals for this extraordinary celebration.
Modeling Hope & Compassion: the North American Division Leadership Team will celebrate the Day of Hope & Compassion by partnering with the local churches, Conferences, and Union in the City of Columbia, Maryland, the home to the future new Headquarters of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America. Pastor Dan Jackson and our North American Division Leadership Team would love to see all Union and Conferences Leadership Teams do the same in their geographical areas.
Plant 1000   -   #plant1000  
Plant1000 is a bold and unprecedented vision of collaboration in church planting. The North American Division, General Conference, Conferences, and Unions will partner with our local churches and invest to help fund 1000 community churches from 2016 to 2020. Envision 200 Community Church Plants, each year, for the next five years. There are many neighborhoods, towns, and counties in North America that still don't have access to the good news of Jesus. There are peoples groups in our Division which are still mostly unreached. These new community church plants will put the gospel within their reach.
Support and Funding for Conferences: we are praying and have set aside funding to support all of our Conferences with more than 15,000 members to take a step of faith and plant 4 churches every year for the next five years. We are also praying and have set aside funding to support all of our Conferences with less than 15,000 members to plant 3 churches every year for the next five years.
The funds set aside to support 200 Community Church Plants per year are $10,000.00 per Church Plant, in collaboration with the General Conference, Unions, and Conferences (NAD/GC $5,000.00 / Union $2,500.00 / Conference $2,500.00) - Application will be available shortly - Each Conference will select its church plants to be funded
Church Planters BootCamp (April 28 - May 1, 2016) in Camp Kulaqua, Florida: a top of the line equipping opportunity for those leading the Community Church Plants funded. It will include cutting edge training, assessment, coaching, and networking with other Church Planters in North America and the world. No Registration Cost to Church Planter (only cost to church planter is transportation to BootCamp).
Deadline: after May 1, 2016 - unrequested funds may become available on first come, first served basis for Conferences wanting to plant some extra churches.
The Evangelism Huddle - Save the Date

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