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Pastors Wives Minister in Great Bend
Three ministerial spouses from the Kansas-Nebraska Conference gave their time, skills and love to join others in meeting some needs of people during September 11-18, 2016 as the God in Shoes ministry came to Great Bend, Kansas.

Features of the week included a Family Fun Day, Evening Seminars & Suppers and a Ladies’ Free Spa Day. Welcome baby gift baskets were given to community mothers by church moms who have become supportive mentors to them. Many inspirational books were given to attendees.

Pastor Willy Vazquez’ wife, Minerva, a registered dietician, presented the seminar, “Quick, Healthy Meals You Can Afford!” At the Ladies’ Free Spa Day, Minerva helped register ladies. She shared, “…I believe that it (God in Shoes) proved to be a success. The community benefitted and those who attended were blessed and felt appreciated…During the spa day, the ladies… were very happy for the services they received.” Susan Scherencel, wife of Pastor Regan Scherencel served at the foot washing / moisturizing station.
One of the blessings of the God in Shoes ministries is that it provides an opportunity for anyone who wants to serve to be able to be involved in ministry. Dr. Harimahefa Ratsimbason shared her experience with me…

 “God in Shoes was a huge project, but it was so much fun to be led by God through every single step…My most memorable experience was the foot massage at the spa day! I got to meet and pray for people that I would never come close to if it weren’t for this event! The mailwoman, the Moms, the hotel manager, or the teenager who never thought someone would sit and touch her ‘ugly feet.’ For me, it felt like the foot washing at Communion! I truly felt the Holy Spirit’s presence. At times, I wouldn’t know what to say so I silently prayed and asked God to give me the words, and as soon as my short prayer was finished, words just came out of my mouth to open up a conversation, Just amazing…It was so heart-warming to hear them say thank-you and how good they felt at the end, considering that they received a foot massage from a very little experienced ‘one-day-foot-masseuse!’ Finally, it was so neat to see many of the Spanish-speaking Moms I see at the Children’s Clinic. They were so surprised and kept staring at me. I think in disbelief that I would sit at their feet and give them a foot massage! They kept saying to each other: “La doctora! La doctora!” It was very rewarding to see how doing something so simple could make them feel so special and cared for. I would definitely do it again!”
Bible studies have been started and members have gotten excited to realize there is a work for God that they can do! May God continue to bless in Great Bend, Kansas as they continue the work of touching lives for Jesus in their community!


Sue Carlson serves as the Women’s, Children’s and Family Ministries Director and the Ministerial Spouse Sponsor of the Kansas-Nebraska Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.