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Tech Resources that (Are Supposed to) Help the Church
By Pedro Trinidad
Lately I have been compiling a list of resources that can help pastors and church administrators to be more efficient. I get e-mails all the time from different ministries with resources that are supposed to lighten the load church leaders carry. Here are a few of the resources you may find helpful in your ministry. As a disclaimer, I have not used all of these tools – some just don’t fit my current context – but they sound so cool that I hope to use them sometime in the future. Some are free. Some are not. So here we go –
  1. – free videos, curriculum, art, etc. to use in sermon series, small group study, etc.
  2. – an awesome resource that helps you keep track of staff members, Develop.Me is a performance review tool that helps churches promote a staff-wide culture of continuous, collaborative growth.
  3. Church Metrics – Track everything that happens in church. Attendance, Giving, Volunteers, “Salvations”, and customize it to track other things like how many cars in the parking lot, how many kids in each class,
  4. – Inexpensive and nice website that can be built by anyone with an imagination. Important: These sites automatically convert to mobile friendly when on phone.
    • Yes, I know that AdventistChurchConnect is free for every single Adventist Church in North America. But they are so hard to work on and their templates are well… Why do you think so many of the churches that use them treat them like parked cars that don’t get moved?
  5. FaithLife Groups – This blog explains how awesome it can be if used by the church or a small group. FaithLife is also linked with the Logos Bible Software (same company).
  • Share reading plans
  • Making Announcements
  • Creating Prayer Lists
  • Sending Newsletters
  • Discussing Sermons
  1. CrossMRKT – Texting service to send one message that will reach as many people who sign up to receive text messages from the church. I use this service. You can do giveaways at church using text service too and the system will randomly pick the winner. That is a way to get people to sign up for the service. Most people have unlimited texting so this shouldn’t be an issue.
All right, that’s quite a bit to look at for awhile. Hope this is helpful.

Pedro Trinidad is pastor of the Concord International Church in Concord, CA