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Thunder in the Holy Land
By Charles Byrd
Imagine a Bible study where 80 to 90 percent of those who start, finish. Imagine a Bible study where 70 to 80 percent make a decision for Christ and are still active in the church a year later. Imagine a study that is so simple that even a young person or one young in the faith can be a successful soul winner. Imagine a Bible study that even seasoned soul winners and evangelists find captivating.
Ok, you can stop imagining because that Bible study is here.  From the producer of the popular series In Search of the Truth, QuestLine Productions presents Thunder in the Holy Land, a visually stunning, all-new video Bible study series shot in HD. Filmed in a National Geographic style, Thunder features on-location reporters throughout the Middle East and beyond.
Optimized for small groups, these 26 episodes include free lessons designed to organically connect the mind and the heart. With Thunder you don’t need a manual with lots of material to memorize, just a relationship with Jesus and a desire to share His love and teachings. This makes training your members to give a Thunder study very easy and non-threatening. You see, Thunder is more caught than taught.
SOMETHING NEW has been added to this carefully crafted, tested and proven Bible study method; something that has never been offered to the local frontline pastor. For the first time ever the local pastor can be inserted into this series, becoming the host of a $450,000 video Bible study. This wonderfully and naturally ties the church members and the local pastor together into an effective soul winning team.
You might expect Lonnie Melashenko, the revivalist of the Columbia Union Conference to have a powerful video series, or perhaps Chris Holland, the new speaker/director for It Is Written Canada, or possibly even a Conference administrator/church planting coordinator like Jeff Potts. And yes, each of them are Thunder hosts, but now they are all inviting you to be a Thunder host as well. Check it out.
CHURCH IN CRISES is a phrase you might have heard for different reasons recently. But right now it certainly applies. In the late 1800s it took 3 Adventists to make another Adventist. Now it takes more than 25! In 1948 the Adventist church was spending about $8,000 per conversion. As of 2011 that figure had jumped to $42,000. This of course is neither affordable nor sustainable, and it’s getting worse.
Everyday 10,000 Baby Boomers are retiring in North America. If you know anything about church finance then you know that the Boomer generation has been supporting and sustaining the work of the Church. In just 9 or so years they will all be retired and the funding this church depends on will be dramatically reduced. And it is already happening.
Very soon pastors won’t be responsible for 2, 3, or 4 churches. They’ll be expected to shepherd 6, 8, or 10 churches. Then we’ll be forced by simple economics to return to a proven method. The same method Jesus used, the same one the disciples used, the same one James and Ellen used. The same one God calls everyone to use. Not telex, television, or telephone, but tell-a-person!
I have asked 14 Conference presidents how many baptisms they see from an average $10,000 evangelistic outreach. To a man they said, “Maybe 5,” which means not even 5. In that campaign the post office gets nearly half the money and the meetings only last 4 weeks. With Thunder, the one-time host insertion cost continues to get returns all year and for years to come. Why? Because when the local pastor, church planter, evangelist, or medical professional gets inserted as the host they are granted a lifetime license to make as many copies of their personalized series as they need for the life of their ministry. Over 3,000 Thunder sets are in circulation, being used to share the wonderful teachings of Jesus.
LEARN MORE by simply checking out our links in this article. Watch the complete first two episodes as well as the short promos, including the one with Jeff Potts who realized 23 baptisms in just 6 months! Then click on the following link to get your own Promo Pack. After looking over the material feel free to call QuestLine Productions (615-448-1037) for more information.
Insertion spots are limited. Call today.
Charles Byrd is president of QuestLine Productions and can be reached at 615-448-1024 (Office), 715-563-5330 (Mobile), or